I'm a love child of our true love God. A twenty three year old living in Lagos, Nigeria. 
I'm here basically to let everyone that visits this space in on about how amazing God is. 
I'm a green tea junkie, lover of minimalism and cozy spaces. 
When I'm not creating magic for lifestyle brands, you can find me giving hope at The Bloom Tribe
This is my personal blog where I share my lifestyle; my creations, individual style and my faith. 


  1. First time here and I love you and your blog already :D Your about me page was beautiful and interesting to read. I also read your tagged post and boy! I think we have many things in common. Perfectionist too. hehe, but God is pulling down our walls to make us into the image of his Son. I even had similar experiences of giving my life to Jesus many times till I was told I should stop. hehe.

  2. I Love the layout of your blog, it's clean, user-friendly and professional, but not in a boring way.
    I just realised that I have checked your blog out before, the time you did a Style Swap with Eki, the Chameleon Blogger!
    Awww, I'm an Economist too, but you graduated early o, at a young age.
    This your thrift shop thing makes sense, instead of giving all your clothes away, you can make money from selling them and then buy some new ones too.
    I can't wait to go through all your posts!


    1. Thank you Tuke!
      I forgot to mention that I really love your name!
      Hahaha early? I feel that way as well
      Thank you so much for stopping by


  3. Thanks for stopping by!!

    I do love your spirit! I kinda feel at home. I am not really a stylish person so hopefully, I pick up ALOT of tips from you :)

    1. Thank you Tomilola!
      I hope i have my tips come off helpful as well!

  4. This is really wonderful!!! Your Focus is really impressive.

  5. You are beautiful...and not just facially...hopefully you understand what I mean..within and without, you are beautiful, that's all...

    I pray that God continually mold you into a wonderful woman in Him.complete in every sense of what He wants to use you for in His kingdom.. :-)

  6. You are beautiful Kunmi..thats all :-)

    I pray God continually mold you into the woman He wants you to be for Him...


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