How to stay Consistently Happy

Life get's tough and no matter how hard you try to develop a thick skin, some things will still find a way to get to you. 
I do not take the topic of depression lightly because it's real and it's a terrible thing to go through on whatever level but the purpose of this post is not to glorify depression but to help you know what to do when you're faced with emotionally challenging situations. 

+Bad things are bound to happen; God doesn't make them happen
God does not make bad things happen to draw us closer to him. Bad things happen because of Satan
and they get to us when we are not in touch with God. 

+If you are looking for your solutions in the pages of a self- help book, you might never get off your emotional roller coaster [Take it from someone that learned this the hard way]of acting based on how you feel. These books offer temporary solutions.

+Satan "took" Jesus [Keyword: took] to the top of the highest pinnacle. [Matthew 4:1-11]

Definitions of took: It's the past tense of take
-To lay hold of (something)
-To capture
-To gain possession

So Satan was practically in Jesus' mind controlling him at that point in time. If he can enter the mind of the almighty [because he was in human form of course] how much more your fragile human mind. So don't take these things for granted. The devil is powerful and you have to constantly be on your feet to get him out of your mind and stay happy. 

Practical steps to staying Happy

His faithful promises are your armor and protection- Psalm 91:4

+Focus on The I will and I shall's of God in proper context

I added in proper context because the devil also knows the word of God and will try to use it against you. He'll try to have you commit suicide and tell you "oh, don't worry dear.God will send his angels to watch over you"

But if you know what God says about you in proper context, you will overcome. You fight the devil with your understanding of what God says about you. 

God's promises [a.k.a the I will and I shall's] are the verses you need to remember and affirm whenever you are down. So search for them in the bible and write them out and say them to yourself everyday. Read more about Affirmations here

+Make growth choices. 

We often hear that happiness is A choice; Happiness is not just one choice, its a series of growth choices. When you choose to stay happy, you choose to grow up and stop letting your feeling define you.  I'm not really a music person but my way of staying happy is listening to worship music.
It's the same way sometimes I don't feel like going to church but I know that there's happiness in fellowship so I go anyway. What's your growth choice? What choice are you going to make to stay happy? 

+Build Godly friendships
This is a whole other post on its own but I'll just say that you should surround yourself with people who constantly remind you of what true happiness Joy means. [1 Pet 1:8]

+Focus on your purpose
There's definitely a sense of fulfillment and Joy that comes with knowing more about God and helping others know him that can't be compared to any other. 

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