Squad goals

Have you ever watched any high school/college movie where the nerd was trying to be a part of the cool kids and he/she tries so hard to get noticed ?

That's what so many of us try to do with God. And just like in these movies it's always an epic fail.

Inability to experience intimacy with God is the reason so many Christians fall off the wagon. You're "trying" so hard but nothing seems to be working. 

The root of inconsistency for me was FEAR.

And I was afraid because I did not understand GRACE.

The first step to getting on God's squad is to understand that His Grace will ALWAYS find you just where you are. [..and this grace is so perfect that it will not just find you where you are but it will not leave you without breaking you, fixing you and transforming you. It's a process] Phil 1:6

For they don’t understand God’s way of making people right with himself. Refusing to accept God’s way, they cling to their own way of getting right with God by trying to keep the law. 
Romans 10:3

If you are finding it hard to talk to God or you're not feeling connected when you worship, it's because of either on of these two things: 

-When you make a mistake, you crawl  into hiding because you "know for sure" that God is upset with you.
-You are not being completely honest with God because you feel he'll hate you if he knows everything going on in your head/mind

But that only pushes God far far away.

The first step to getting on God's squad is to understand Grace

Understanding how Gods grace works changes everything about your love walk. It will help you know that the root cause of your disconnection is because you're trying too hard all by yourself.
I love how the message translation says to learn the  "Unforced" rhythms of Grace. Matthew 11:28

You simply cannot force it. It's not about performance or putting up a show. It's Free. It is by Gods grace that he accepted you in the first place; not because you're strong or disciplined.

Our joy doesn't rest in our ability but in the approval God gives us in Christ.- 2 Timothy 1:9

Grace is freely given, the moment you attach a price, it's no longer grace.

Gods love does not come at a price. He wants you on his squad and he'll do anything to make that possible so you don't even have to do anything at all. You cannot make him Love you because that's all he does whether you accept it or not. He's literally begging you to let him in. You cannot fight for his attention, he is already fully focused on you. He already knows your feelings and thought pattern he just needs you to be honest about them because that's when he can help you. Hebrews 4:16

You can't approach God in your own righteousness or actions. It doesn't work that way.
You might be thinking; so what am I supposed to do?! Well it's simple, you don't have to do anything except be yourself. Your new self that is Grace Made. 

As a member of God's squad this should be your lifestyle...

-You understand that God loves you, you should change and not otherwise.

-You trust God to shape right living into you. Romans 10

-Prayer is no longer a chore because you understand that it's a continuous conversation with God as you would to a friend. 1 Thessalonians 5:16

-Your worship sessions is no longer about how you feel but how God feels. It comes from a place of understanding what God has done for you in Jesus [Romans 8:3] and wanting to make him happy and not as a chore. so even when you're down in the dumps, you worship regardless. John 4:23-24

-You are an open book  to God. You honestly bare your feelings;Good,bad and ugly to him.

-You no longer feel the need to perform because you trust God to work in you and through you 
Jude v 24.

-Affirm and re-affirm. Ezekiel 36:26; Isaiah 60:2 till you're living it out. 

-Just stay connected. Whenever you're at a low that's when you should be more interested in going to church and more eager to ready the word and even when you can't pray  just let him know how burned out you are and the Holy Spirit will take it from there Romans 8:26


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  1. I loooooveeet!! I think there's just something about our human nature that is always tempted to think we can do somethings to make God love us whereas, He loved us first. Even we don't love Him as much as He does us. My prayer is that we come to know and love Him more, day by day, till we see nothing else but His fierce and passionate love for us. Much love babe. xo!

  2. This post blessed me. Thank you for yielding yourself as an instrument of God. Have a nice day.


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