DIY| Minimalist Tote bag

 Hi guys!
So I created this tote bag in a rush so I can meet up with today's post as planned but I think it still turned out okay.

Black and white is my go-to for anything fashion related; like I can't even stress myself to think about colors. The only time I would wear a lot of color is if its on Ankara, Like this one HERE and HERE.

I love tote bags they are so handy and easy and I'll be creating so many other styles very soon.

Let's create! It takes 20-30 minutes tops.

For bottom of bag and straps: Leather fabric [or any other durable strong fabric like corduroy]
For top of bag: Tweed fabric [or any softer fabric of your choice]
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Steady hands

Step 1
Measure your fabric and cut. For the bottom which is the leather, I measured 7"by 11" for both sides and for the top I measured 10"by 11"
diy tote bag

Step 2
Align the 10" sides of the tweed fabrics to the right side of the leather fabric and sew.

Then you'll have this...
DIY Tote bag

Step 2.1
Also sew the side seams of the bag to close it up

Step 3
Cut out your straps 28"by 3" [I made my strap wide for durability as I always carry load lol, yours can be smaller or bigger however you like it]  and join with a long stitch .

Step 4
Fold the top of the bag by 1" and sew along the folded edge to hem the bag. Add the straps down inside the fold then flip up and secure with a box stitch as seen in the image. 
diy tote bag


So I started with these DIY giveaways on my INSTAGRAM and I've decided to bring it to the blog to give everyone a fair chance.

-REPOST the picture below on your Instagram page and use the hashtag #KunmioDIYgiveaway in a comment
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-Leave a comment beneath this post with your name and email address

*Giveaway closes in 5 days!
*Open to Lagos residents only. 


  1. I made a bag like this a while back, I used Ankara for mine and it also had a drawstring. Nice post. Easy to follow. I should make another one with a white and black fabric.
    Giveaway entry: Ruth Osunkoya.

  2. Lovely post, and easy to follow. YOu have a really beautiful blog too!


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