On living a full life.

This post can also be titled Life lessons for twenty-somethings but I thought that'd be cliche so I decided to go with this instead since that's my new life motto [But that's for the next post. ;)] 
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+You cannot find a balance: between God and your career, family, business. etc If he doesn't come first, then you're set up for failure. 

Now is a point of view. You can say "I need to wait until all my ducks are in a row" But I say to people when you get that duck what are you going to do with it? We have our ducks and they may not be in a perfect row but the best way to be to be where you want to be ten years from now is to do something today that you'll be glad you did =Seth Godin

+Plant seeds because you deserve every bit of the good life you envision so don't stop watering & nurturing your seeds even when there's no sign of germination. Keep working. Make mistakes, take pride in your false starts and never stop moving. Isaiah 66 v 9 says the earth doesn't bring forth in one day, a woman goes through labor before she births. God is a God of process. Give him your little seed and Believe before you know it, he'll turn it to a lot and a little more. 

    Find the beauty in your process. 

+The dependency syndrome will make you weak so you need to get rid of it fast! There's a thin line between being vulnerable and being dependent. A very thin line. Getting rid of the mentality that I cannot solve my own problems without outside help was a real defining moment of my life.Yes without a doubt, you will find people that genuinely want to help but at the end of the day, if you're not well grounded, its very easy for you to get addicted to being dependent and addiction is never a good thing. When you face challenges, setbacks, moments of rut,allow yourself feel it, If you have to to cry yourself to sleep for a few nights, do just that and it's in those rock bottom moments you'll find your strength, you'll figure out your next plan of action and come out stronger. [This is another reason why No 1 is important] 

 And don't let anyone put your down because you are young -Timothy 4:11 

+Selling yourself short will not serve you. You can't continue to shrink so people that don't understand your purpose will feel comfortable around you. Don't shrink for them. If you keep saying  "but I'm just 20-something, even people that are 30-something haven't done this yet..." or "I'm the last born, nobody in my family has done this yet" and other things like that, You are pretty much doing yourself. [Lol that's the best way I can put it]

+Your passion project which is a fancy term for your purpose is something you have to figure out NOW. But beware of writing your own vision and making it plain all by yourself [Habakkuk 2:2] It's not something you discover in one day. Finding your purpose takes paying attention,listening, connecting dots and above all letting God lead. 

+Pour yourself out by learning and sharing and your life will be better for it. 

+Wing it: And by winging it I mean not living by the rules set by any other human or some self help book but taking your leading directly from the holy spirit. Have  what people might tag as UNREASONABLE FAITH. This is very quickly becoming my lifestyle. Although some things I do might not make sense to me or people around me at the time, my life is a testimony of God making all things beautiful in its time. 

+Phil 4:6: In these two sentences, you can get rid of worry and anxiety in your life forever. You might not remember what you read in the pages of "How to stop worrying and start living" [Great book by the way] when the devil attacks with trying situations but you will remember "Don't worry about anything, pray about everything" so simple!

+Make lists and keep a journal. They'll help you stay accountable.I explained reasons for that in detail HERE

+Her/His journey is not your own
"Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless--like chasing the wind".-Ecclesiastes 4:4 

+Be a DIY person Your bank account will thank you for it. Read more about that HERE
You can't succeed on the terms of people's opinions. you have to choose; Your faith in God or your fear of people. What will it be?

There are so many lessons to learn! I'll have to come back to keep updating this post. 

What lessons are you learning currently?

Please share with me in the comment box!

Thanks to the folks over at Casper for inspiring this post!


  1. Understand the way God deals with us is unique.... realising this gives me hope that he's not done with me yet.
    I love the post!

  2. I actually genuinely love this and I'm glad you didn't give it that twenty something title. It applies to everyone! These are really really great lessons we have to keep reminding ourselves. Thank you for spelling it out.


  3. I'm learning about the dependency syndrome,funny you mentioned it! Trusting him to ground me even in the storm, even when I have not a clue. And he chooses my outside help if there will be Good write, Kunms!


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