The Weekend Blend

I've curated The Weekend blend [I got inspiration from KIITAN] as a mix of things that pique my interest on/off the Internet that I think will be useful to you guys. It will come in as often as I find these things every other weekend. So her goes the first !

  • Never underestimate the power of technology to help you stay on top of your game! Google calendar has been doing just that for me. Read my post on other apps that help me keep it together. HERE

  • I'm a quotes collector, so yes! quotes will always be a part of the blend. 
  • I don't know why and how I've been sleeping on the amazingness that is Jamaican black Castor oil. I've heard about it but never thought it wise to try it because in my head I believe these "things" don't work but in actual truth this one does work. My edges are screaming for joy as I type this so trust me when I say its the truth! 
  • These songs are constantly helping me get through life. 


  1. Great thoughts indeed, warm greetings!

  2. Oh wow! The course on coding sounds interesting and I love the quote. It's been a long time lol


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