Trusting God with Everything

Happy New month Loves! 

By now, most of us are well on our way to having a great year and we're still on track with the plans and goals we have written somewhere. We definitely want to make this new year count however, it is imperative that we engage our Faith In God to achieve these goals so we don't give up half way through the year. 

In 2 Corinthians 12:9, He said: “My Grace is sufficient for you.” This means no matter what goes down in 2016, God's grace is all we need.

This post is just to remind us that all we need to do is stretch out our hands to receive Grace from God who has wondrously reached out to us, making his power, wisdom, resources and many more available to us. 

That is what Faith is. Faith is accepting God’s offer to help us and engaging His grace.

I do not know exactly what you may have planned out for 2016. Many of us may have set realistic goals but I would like to challenge you to push that goal a little. Join us in a “Walk By Faith” this year. Go back to your goals and add something challenging. Something you know is only possible with God. Something you have no control over. Take advantage of God’s grace over this issue and walk in faith this year.

The bible tells us in Romans 12:3 that we have been given “the measure of faith.” We need to use this measure of faith so as to grow in faith. Accept God’s offer to help us accomplish unimaginable things this year.

Header Image source: Grace bol by Tom Newton on Tumblr


  1. Thanks, revising my goals -fab anon.

  2. Preach! It's so easy to fall into the trap of making only "doable" goals. His grace really is all we need

  3. very inspiring considering that i'm sometimes scared to set goals that seem so far-fetched.In my typical human nature I for a while forget I have a very BIG God who can do all things!Thank you

  4. I love this, definitely something I need to think about more.


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