Bible Study 101: Journaling

So I just read Mathew 5:16 in the Amplified Version and I’m trying to type something on it because I’ve found that its one of the surest ways to get whatever message the Holy Spirit wants me to get from it…..

Okay so first he wants me to share the benefits of this form of meditation; about 6 months ago, I realised that whenever I was reading either my passage for the day or the passage that comes with my devotional reading for the day, I just skimmed through it and on a good day, I prayed about it after, but then I hardly ever thought it through or even thought about it again for the rest of the day, it was more like a quote for the day as I often just nodded as I was reading it and occasionally said ‘hmmmmn, deep’ when I read some. 

But then the Holy Spirit wanted more from me, he wanted it to actually be my verse for the DAY and not just the morning, so He led me to start writing something I learnt from the scriptures I read or the devotional every single day. I must admit the very first day was a bit of a struggle cos I have never thought of myself as a writer, which led me to just think of it as some form of a test or classwork;

Question 1: Read the above passage and share your views on what the author was referring to.
Surely this worked and I started to enjoy it and even look forward to it. I not only understood the passage but was also able to see other ways that the passages applied. I was even also able to relate them to previous passages that I had read, seeing the relationship between the scriptures, and well, I found it beautiful because, in addition to all of these, I was able to hear the Holy Spirit every day, he was there practically dictating to me and explaining these things to me and this was exhilarating.

This right here is just an example of this beautiful relationship the Holy Spirit and I have when I write about a passage, I was thinking I was going to be explaining a passage in this post but then I ended up doing something else. However, he says you should try it out, while reading Mathew 5:16. Feel free to post your explanations in the comment section. If you are someone like me, then

Question 2: Read Mathew 5:16 and explain in your own words what Jesus meant in that scripture.



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  1. You never ever fail to inspire and LIFT My spirit
    God Bless You


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