Happy New Year People! 

What a Joy to be here alive, happy, joyful, complete and blogging! 

I woke up at 3 am yesterday and I was going through my Instagram. It was filled with posts about how 2015 went and how 2016 is going to be like. In that moment I also felt the need to create on of such posts and put up on Instagram but I didn't have anything so I closed my phone and went back to sleep. I was unsettled but I couldn't figure out why.  

I woke up much later at about 6:30am to attend to some business and I was scrolling through my Instagram again [ Lol yes, I go through Instagram a lot. Bad Habit or Nah?] then I saw this post by Heather Lindsey. 

I smiled because it just explained the reason why I was unsettled earlier. She put the million and one thoughts in my head into a few sentences and this was one of those moment where in my head I'm like Yes! #APT! #WORD! Lol Kidding. This is all I've been trying to say all along. I took a screen shot and I kept going back to look at it in my Camera Roll. 

This is what everyone needs to know. 

If you're a lazy person on December 31 , writing a couple of goals and posting new year resolutions on Instagram or twitter or Facebook won't turn you to a hardworking person by January 1. Its not Magic.
You might get by in the first week or the first couple of months at best because you want to keep up appearances and form New year, New me but trust me, by the second week or after some months,  you'll go back to the same old person well that's if you don't involve God. 

Me for example, I set a couple of goals in 2015. READ MY HELLO 2015 post  HERE

Amongst others, I set goals to read a book a week, to eat healthy, to be more confident and get out of my comfort zone, post more on the blog. Lol 

I'm sure you can guess why I'm laughing already. I didn't do so well! I'm not proud to admit that but then I have to be honest right? I honestly thought I could get by on my own at some point.

I was able to get by with reading a book a week till June and then it became a struggle, I was in full hermit mode almost through the year and guess who ate a whole lot of junk food this year? Me. And please don't let me start with how I did on the blog. 

But in the spirit of GOING THROUGH THINGS AND NOT GETTING STUCK, I have already started working on my setbacks once I figured them out and I did not say "oh I'll wait till the New year so I can set new goals and it will all be better" 

 Nope! I took action!

Here's what to do?

ROMANS 12:12

Hand everything over to God. That's the only way you can be TRANSFORMED. The fact that 2015 Changed to 2016 cannot Transform you, Only God can do that. 

Don't Join the Bandwagon of posting New year resolutions and goals on Social Media if you've not taken them to God first. 

As it is with every other day, if you want to be a new person by January 1, you must go to God and tell him to take control and Just like Heather said, pursue Christ and let him renew your mind. That's the only way you're going to get by with you goals and achievements in 2016. 

I'm glad I've figured how to do it right this year and hopefully by putting God first and making CONSCIOUS EFFORTS to follow his guidance, I will have a better year. 

So that's why my theme for 2016 is CONFRONT AND CONQUER. 

Confront [make conscious efforts]  and conquer [overcome] everything that's standing in your way of becoming a better person. When you're going through things, do not sit down and baby your problems; Pray, go to your Bible, use what you learn to confront those fears, those setbacks and watch how you'll conquer this year. All by the grace of God of course because reading your Bible and praying more often is another set of goals you need grace for.having a wholesome relationship with Gos is a whole 'nother set of goals. 




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  1. This really inspired me! I've set some goals I want to achieve this year and I'm definitely going to talk to God about it and take one day at a time. Happy New Year Kunmi!

    1. Happy New year babe!
      I pray he orders your steps accordingly!

  2. Thank you Kunmi!!! you are always a blessing and an inspiration.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. Thank you kunmi!!! you have really been an inspiration. Gods blessings on you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. I thank God for His grace.

      Happy New year!

  4. Happy new year Kunmi! Good to read a new post from you and excited to see God helping you to take writing for Him to another level...


    1. Hey Frances!
      Thank you so much
      Happy New year.

  5. Happy New Year! I love reading, my first book of the year is Americanah by Chimamanda which I've had on my shelf for over a year now so I cannot wait to get your updates on your reading goals, no pressure though. LOL

    1. Heey Thank you so much Cindy. Happy New year!
      I'll be sure to update regularly by God's grace

  6. Confront and conquer Amazing. Girl you've said it all. No one has to wait till new year to make resolutions and plans. Definitely taking my goals to God, you inspire dear. I need to read more books, that's something I need to work on...i'm so behind on that. Happy new year dear.

    1. Hey Sogie
      Thank you so much
      I pray God helps us all.

  7. Yaaaaay! I actually wasn't expecting that.

    Thanks Kunmi!

    Happy New Year!


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