Hello all! 

Happy New year again. I hope your year is off to a great start?!

For new blog readers, gratitude journal is a segment of the blog where I document things I'm grateful for every week on the blog. 

This is the first one for this year and Its just all about reflecting and giving glory to God for everything He did for me in 2015.

  • I'm grateful for the grace God gave me to fight all my battles last year. I battled with anxiety a lot and it set me back on a few things and even on my relationship with God but I'm fine now and ready to take on the new year 
  • I'm grateful for business ideas and strength to execute. 2016 is looking so bright I can't even contain my excitement
  • I applied to a couple of jobs and the responses got depressing and overwhelming but guess who ended 2015 paying someone's else's  salary?!
  • I'm thankful for the friendships I had to let go of and the new ones. 
  • I'm thankful for 31 days of Loving like Jesus that happened last year March and for everyone that contributed to it!  It really changed my life.
  • I'm thankful for my family! God has been tooooo awesome.
  • I'm thankful for THE BLOOM SHOP that's launching soon. I felt like giving up oh so many times but God saw it through.from production to building the website, to keeping me in a perfect state of mind...
  • I'm thankful for this blog and you my blog readers! Omg, you guys have no idea how many times I've almost quit the entire thing because of anxiety. I literally feel my heart beating like it's about to fall of my chest anytime I put up a new post but God keeps reminding me about His purpose for my life and this blog and that's what keeps me going.
  • I'm thankful for improvements in my Bible studying and my relationship with God.
  • I'm thankful for Life! I did not fall sick throughout 2015. I wasn't involved in any accident. I completed my NYSC, God was really Faithful to me. I'm so Joyful. 


What are you grateful for? 


  1. I'm thankful for you,bloggers that plant seeds of faith, bloggers like you who send out such positive energy!

    1. Cindyy!

      Thank you! ❤️❤️

      Thank God for his grace.

  2. Thankful for the transition to my new blog and God's grace that literally held me through last year. Nice post


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