Bliss Triggers 01

Bliss triggers are rare [mostly] occurrences that remind us to be present in every moment and focus on the little things. This segment of the blog is where I photograph these little things every other week.

Each moment in life is a miracle. Learn not to take anything for granted. Enjoy the laughter of children, walk bare feet in the rain, watch the sunset…

-Robin Sharma

1.This Agbalumo and Zobo Sorbet from Hans and Rene

[Because what' s not to love about Icecream or in this case, something that tastes like Icecream.]

2. This book I borrowed from a friend [Jony Ive]

[Because there are only a few things better than a good cup of coffee and a good book with many innovative ideas]

3. My brother's dog.

[Because I went from hating him when he first came to the house to loving him a lot. We are like best friends now!]

4. Free road.

[Because free road in Lagos is something to be utterly grateful for.]

More things
-this app has helped me a lot
-weekly love letter I just sent out to the mailing list subscribers
-this planner is really helping me get organised!
-this album I just started listening to
-these devotionals have blessed my life

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