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So I've been seeing some funny twitter updates and Instagram posts about January being a trial month and their year is starting in February. Lol. Well if you're in that category, this post is mostly for you. Just kidding its for everyone. :)

We are nothing without God and with Him on our side, there's no limit to what we can do.If you have already set your goals for the year or you are in the category of people above still planning to do so  I beg you to  indulge in this 3-step-guide to help you set your goals properly.

Write down your goals no matter how scary

But before writing them, ask yourself this question
WHO DO I THINK MY GOD IS? Your answer to this will determine the kind of goals you will set.The minute you set you goals based on who you are instead of who your God is then you're set up for failure. 

Look for a promise in the Bible that relates to each of your goals. 
For example, I'm looking up to God for a miracle for something people have tried and failed at but I know the Bible says WHERE OTHERS ARE SAYING THERE'S A CASTING DOWN, I WILL SAY THERE IS LIFTING UP. Write down the promises against your goals.

This cannot be overemphasized. Affirmations help to build your mindset and give you unwavering faith. Once you begin to affirm theses promises you will see them come to life in no time.

+1 Take Action: 

It is not okay to just stand on Gods promises and affirm, you have to take action. Use available resources that God has put in place for you to achieve your goals.

Yup! Just three easy breezy steps and you will be on your way to having your best year ever!  


There are four sheets in the set 

-THE MASTERLIST - Spaces to work on your goals for 4 domains of life and balance and an extra space for other goals. DOWNLOAD HERE

-GOD CENTER SHEET - In this sheet, you can work on up to three goals from each domain of your master list [i.e you'll need to print more than one sheet] then write down scriptures that align with each goal in the tables below and then affirmations and positive thoughts in the last space. DOWNLOAD HERE

-BREAK IT DOWN SHEET- This sheet is similar to the God Center sheet. you can also work on up to three goals from each domain of your master list then decide what steps you need to take to reach the goal/s. Finally, break those steps down into simple actions. For example, your first Spiritual goal might be "reach out to lost souls" the steps to achieve this goal could be: print out fliers, join evangelism team at church, use social media, start an evangelism blog etc. Then you break it down into further by picking each of the steps and breaking them into actions such as:print out fliers, Actions: write content for the fliers, Pray for courage and Grace. DOWNLOAD HERE

-DAILY SHEET- The Daily sheet is where you can write smaller daily goals and tasks. DOWNLOAD HERE

I worked hard on these sheets and I really hope you find them useful! Do let me know how well it works for you.

I really wish you all the best this year and I pray your walk with God grows stronger than ever in Jesus name.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: TouchPoints of Hope:  God's Answers for your daily needs.

Have an amazing weekend! 


  1. You're doing good things Kunmi. Keep up the good, and God bless you :)

    1. Thank you. God bless you as well!

  2. Thanks Kunmi! God bless you <3

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you. ��

  4. I had been putting off writing down my goals and just generally coming up with a game plan because it's really not enough to have it in your head. This has motivated me to get to it. Just printed off the sheets. Will keep you posted on how it goes. Thanks! :)

    1. Yeah that tends to happen.
      I'm glad you found this helpful
      I can't wait for your feedback!!


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