I set reading goals for 2015 but I only made it through to half of the year. After July when I did the Half year book Review HERE, I got distracted and I couldn't keep up.

I noticed that almost everyone I've asked and everyones goal I've seen via social media has a thing or two to do with reading more books in 2016. 

Here are a few steps I'm taking to achieve my reading goals this year and a possible guide for you. God help us all.

-What's in it for you?- This is what you should ask yourself before you pick up any book. Especially as a young adult; whatever you pick up to read should be in line with your life goals and plans. Of course its okay to read other things once in a while but most importantly, you need to have a FOCUS. 

-Have an accountability partner- It can be your friend, sibling or even social media. As for me, you my blog readers are my accountability partners. That is why I've dedicated a whole page check HERE to documenting my progress and if you guys discover I'm being sloppy you can email me or put up a comment to call me back to order. Will you do that for me? 

-Prioritize: In order to get the best out of your reading, you have to prioritize. Take me for example, I started the year with personal development books because I know I'll need a lot of motivation and practical advice to get me through my goals for the year. So pick different categories to focus on each month in order of their importance to you.

-Do your research: Once you've selected different categories for each month, research and find out the top books in those categories. January for me is for reading Personal development books. I researched the top books in that category those are the books I'm reading this Month. 

-Don't Rush- Don't rush to read your books and this is why you must set attainable [SMART] goals. I currently don't have a 9-5 job and that's why I can afford to read a book a week because I know I'll be able to keep up. Set your reading goals to fit your kind of life. 

-Take Action-  Take action on whatever meaningful thing you learn while reading especially personal development and self help books. If you don't do so immediately you're going to start feeling like you're reading in vain. The fruits of applying whatever you read to your life keeps you motivated. 

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

–Frederick Douglas
Lastly, Drink tea while you're reading it helps to stimulate your... it gives you the whole "seriousness vibe" Lol. And also visit a book shop often to search for new options.

I hope you found this post helpful?

Do leave a comment and share your thoughts.


  1. I like the points about having a focus and knowing what is in it for you. They help you define your purpose for doing what you're doing, in this case reading. This is a nice post. People need it.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing. :)

  2. Honestly what I needed to read to get to read effectively. I'm on track then 😊. Thanks Kunmi.

  3. The drinking tea part got me mehn,lol. have been thinking of reviving my once insatiable appetite for books, and this helps.

    1. Haha!
      I'm happy you found the post helpful

  4. haha I really thought that tea part was gonna stimulate something. like i'm looking for an easy way lmao

  5. Dear Kunmi

    Thank you for writing this.

    I somehow didn't have the motivation to finish reading the books I bookmarked for 2015.

    And I haven't found the ginger to pick them up this year.

    Hopefully I do.

    Thanks for this.



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