We go through things and not get stuck .

So the year is running out which means that everyone is talking about goals they set for the year and how much of it they were able to achieve. Quite frankly I think I only set two; finish my masters well and get closer to God…….How did I do on both? I am not so sure. I also start to think about commitments I made and I remember this one which I made to God:  to preach the Gospel via social media in my own little way.And I'm thankful to be able to do that through this platform.

This morning I read two days’ worth of my devotional (becuause I didn’t get to read it yesterday). The first one was about not getting led by your emotions while the second one was about ‘going through situations’. I think reading both of them together was perfect for me cos suddenly it brought light to something I have been struggling with for a while. 

For a while now, I have been letting my emotions make my decisions, and as you may guess, I have been making a whole lot of bad decisions, decisions that have been detrimental spiritually, emotionally and maybe even physically. At some point I even became scared of the new person I was becoming and how I didn’t like her or not even sure I recognised her. But then just like the second devotional said, ‘we go through things’, key words being ‘go through’ and not get stuck. 

I think everyone experiences periods of highs and lows, that’s definite, it’s a given, but then we all have a choice in determining whether we go through them, letting it teach us the lessons it was meant for, and then move on from it stronger and better, or if we stay there, stay stuck there. Here is the thing, I know its much easier to give up when you are going through rough periods 'cos trust me at some point I wanted to believe that this might just be the new me and maybe its time to embrace it instead of constantly trying to fight it, but then I did, I am, every single day I decide who I want to be and work towards it.

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  1. Really timely.... I enjoyed reading this and got some much encouragement through this ❤❤


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