Gratitude Journal 04

It's been a while since I did the gratitude Journal post on the blog. I've been so so busy, but I'm never too busy for the blog!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.

I was quite nervous because of my birthday throughout the week and I'm not sure why but I'm thankful for another year of life! I really am.

This past year has been a huge learning experience. I've made new friends, I've had to let go of some. I've had meltdowns more than ever but by God's grace, I keep picking myself up.

I've never been in the habit of claiming any year, or being overly excited about the year because I get to set New year resolutions and all of that, but I'm currently have this strong feeling that 2016 is my year! Lol

In all, here are the things I'm grateful for today:

  • New friends that help me grow and I can learn from
  • My small tribe [circle]
  • I'm thankful for new ideas for the blog that came when I was on the verge of quitting. 
  • Maturity and growth
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Courage and Strength
  • I'm thankful to be the creative owner of my small business[ES!]

What are you grateful for?

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