Be still and know that I am God
-Psalm 46:10

Hello All!
Happy New week!

You would agree with me that there are so many things in life that can cause be a form of noise [unsettlement, worry, disquiet, stress etc] it could be that job you've been applying for but keep getting rejected, or anything at all that you've been believing God for but doesn't seem to be forthcoming. 

We all have experienced some form of disquiet in our lives at some point but you know what God tells us to do in times like this?

It's that simple! Have quiet strength.

Quiet strength simply means staying calm, having a quiet spirit and having inner courage no matter what the world throws at you.

Jesus, our perfect example had a quiet spirit. He slept through the storm [Mark 4:39] and even when they woke him up, all he said was "Peace, Be still" Just a few words of prayer.

We are often so overwhelmed by anxiety caused by the storms of life, we can't even sleep talk less of pray. 

Jesus was about to be killed [for our sins] in Matthew 26. He was in pain and deep sorrow. Luke says his sweat fell like drops of blood, that's how deep it was,  but he didn't sit around worrying, he prayed!

Even when the cup of death could not be passed over him, He did not go about challenging God instead He accepted God's will with a quiet spirit.  

Having quiet strength means accepting "All of God and none of You" no matter what. It means knowing that there is a reason behind everything! Even the worst things.

Quiet Strength gives you peace of mind. It gives you assurance. It gives you joy.

Look at Mary [the mother of Jesus] a young lady ready to take on life and her life was "altered" by God's plan for the world. All she said was "Be it unto me according to your word" No arguments or complaints. She had that quiet strength. 

So many of us would try to find a way out and negotiate with God when he tells us His plan for us, we would go about worrying unnecessarily about what people will think or say. We worry about fickle reputation that doesn't even matter.

Let's learn to allow God take care of us all we need to do is believe and have inner courage and strength. [a.k.a Faith].

Let's learn to pray about everything! The fact that you don't always feel a connection doesn't mean He is not always there. Say a few words. A little "help me Lord" or "God fix it"goes a long way.

We should also know that this kind of strength doesn't just come to anybody, but people that know God closely it comes from knowing the blessedness of being careless in God's care. 

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  1. More than inspired, I need this quiet strength in my life right now and I just found the answer to what I've been seeking. Thank you for this!

    1. Hello Anon!
      I'm glad you are inspired.
      Thank God!

  2. Quiet strength also means not allowing our raging emotions get the better of us in difficult circumstances. Remember the case of Jega when confronted by the 'Elder' Orubebe during the 2015 elections results announcement. Orubebe was villified, while Jega came out with great applause and highest ratings.
    Truth is, a cool, calm and collected individual is quite sexy too...

    1. Haha True!
      This post actually has two parts.
      The next post takes it from this angle.
      Thanks for dropping by Ayo.

  3. Hope you don't mind? I shared this on twitter
    Great post

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com

    1. I don't mind at all.
      Thanks for sharing!


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