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Hello all! 
Happy New week and Happy New Month! 
So the other day I walked into my room and headed for my desk to study but the side of the room where my desk is was quite dark because only the bulb at the other side of the room was on. I had to turn to the switch to switch on the second light bulb.
I'm sure you're already wondering where I am going with this, 
Here goes... 
For some reason, this situation got me thinking about my Christian walk. Yes I understand that I'm the light of the world but the true test of my light comes when I'm able to shine through darkness 

John 1:4-5 says Jesus is "THE LIGHT" (not "a light")  that shines in darkness and darkness cannot overcome it. 
Am I that one light bulb in my room that one brightens up some parts and darkens the other or is my light like the power of two or more light bulbs that brightens the entire room when I walk in? Does my light have an impact in a room filled with "darkness" or am I just a light by word of mouth? Am I "a Light" or am I "THE LIGHT"
I asked myself these questions over the weekend and I had to do a lot of soul searching to find answers
As Christians, we should work consistently to stand out among the crowd. People should be able to differentiate us from the crowd by our actions and words. Its not enough to be "a light" we shouldnt rest till we are "the light". 

I recreated this look for Nifesimi of Skinny Hipster Blog's #HIPSTERMIX for last week and I was the closest to recreating her look. I don't think I would ever get tired of pairing Peplum blouses and Pencil skirts it's quite Simple and easy to pull off! 


  1. See, the way you're beautiful's just amazing :)

  2. Just came off 1plustheone blog where she talked about light, same here...there is indeed a need for us to re access and align accordingly.
    God help us all.

    As usual, you look amazing..


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