Gratitude Journal 3

Hello all!
I hope your weekend is off to a great start?!
As usual, I'm here again [Like I've been for the past two saturdays] to share things I'm grateful for this week.

- I am grateful to God for life and perfect health for me and everone in my family (friends included) 

-So I actually had the best week this week. I learned a lot about God's Love for me and how far He went to redeem my soul  in Romans and it just gave me a whole new perspective and added to the reasons that made me come up with 31 days of loving like Jesus 

-Since the year started, I had not really been going to church because my church is really far and a bunch of other excuses I gave myself. So sometimes I just watched online or I just let Sunday slip by. Then  I read in the Purpose Driven life [which is an amazing book by the way] how fellowship is a vital part of the Christian Walk and part of our purpose in Life and since then, I 've been praying to God to help me find a Bible based church thats's convenient for me to get to every Sunday and last week Sunday I found a Church. I have never been excited about going to church like I was last week! 

-I had a conversation with God (prayed)  for one hour everyday of the past week. This has never happened. I usually lose focus and zeal by day two whenever I tried in the past.

-I misplaced my purse that had all my cards in public transport on Tuesday evening and two boys that I had been giving the look earlier [because Lagos Paranoia] were the ones that returned it to me with everything inside. 

-Earlier in the week I was sad about being an intovert and I was asking myself how I was supposed to be a good Christian, love others and build better relationships or even share God with others if I find being around people to be draining and I'm always longing for quiet time and solitude. But I made certain discoveries, from book and from the bible (which I would share in a seperate blog post) that helped me find peace in my God- given personality 

-I took a bold step this week and put in my work for a collaboration and I got positive response

I'm grateful for all of this and More! God has been faithful

What are YOU Grateful for?!

1 comment:

  1. I'm grateful for my voice
    And the freedom of speech
    The marriage of the two allows me to effect positive change .



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