Happy New Month Lovelies! 



The ebook is a compilation of almost all the experiences of 31 days of Loving like Jesus [CLICK HERE to find all posts in this series]. The whole project was inspired by the Holy Spirit to keep His love alive in the hearts of everyone because in the end that's all that matters. [1 corinthians 2:9]. 

It started at camp in November, I was leisurely reading Reduce Me to Love by Joyce Meyer when the whole idea came. 

I was afraid and I didn't want to do it. I couldn't comprehend that God had placed something so huge in my hands. In my confusion, I dabbled and tried to find a way out of it but He is not a God of confusion so He showed me the way to go about it and even though on some days I lost motivation, It was a success. 

Shortly after, the idea for the ebook and website came and I was motivated at first but then I thought "Naah"whats the point, if anyone wants to read they can read on the blog and people don't want to read what's already on the blog over again anyway" so I discouraged myself and allowed nerves and what people might say to get the best of me for about two months. But nerves and what people say have nothing on my God. Nerves would get calm eventually and people would move on  but God would remain God.  So one evening I was busy with something else and the energy came from nowhere, I edited all posts and put together the ebook in one night and set up the website in a day and half. Thats when I knew beyond doubt that God was trying to reach out to someone through this book. 

Two friends texted me to tell me how they are proud of me and how what I'm doing is amazing and I'm like it's not even me, it's all God because left to me, I would just sit on the sidelines and watch but God won't let me and I am grateful for that. 

I hope this book reaches out to that person it is meant for and turns your life around. In Jesus Name. 

 It will be updated occasionally as more people send experiences to whenlovecomesalive@gmail.com and I'll keep you guys posted on updates. 

The website www.whenlovecomesalive.com is also up and would start running before the weekend.next week.  Do share your experiences to help the world grow in God's Love. 


My goal is to publish posts on this four major segments four times a month. So each week, every Wednesday there would be a new post from any of the four segments simultaneously. This is the schedule that works for me at this time and I hope you guys stick with me like you always do. Starting Next week Wednesday new posts would be up on the blog wednesday every week and month after that till the end of the year by God's grace and everything extra would be posted on Saturdays or Sundays. 

I've always been scared to be a weekly blogger because I always think my blog would fade and get lost amongst the thousands of other websites on the internet and my readers would get tired of having to wait for a whole week to read new posts. 

But earlier in June, the phrase "Value over Views" kept ringing in my head and although I did not understand what it meant at the time, I wrote it down and meditated on it and  it has finally become clear. By God's grace,  this blog has grown from becoming "your normal everyday random blog" to a purposeful one in the past year and I'm so so grateful to God for that. I'm not perfect, I don't have answers to many questions, I make silly mistakes but God is taking me somewhere great and I'm enjoying the journey. Now I'm more concerned about adding value than I am about the number of page views I get in a month. 

So I'm taking baby steps towards consistency and adding Value in my very little way. 



  1. The idea is great and thanks for allowing God to use you, May He strengthen you. I also pray mine will also not be like every other random blog -__-

  2. Ah Kunmi. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might!


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