There are so many amazing books in the world but I've realized that I cant read them all, even if I spent my whole day reading books. So I've dedicated my time to reading only books that relate to my craft and journey. 


Living beyond your feelings- Joyce Meyer
1 Corinthians 9:19-22
Joyce Meyer is one of my absolute favorite authors
This is the Ultimate book to finding emotional balance, manage your emotions and deal with others
If you are seeking to Live beyond fear, depression, lust, grief, emotional or physical abuse then you should totally read this book. 

Discover the Keys to staying full of God- Andrew Wommack
I bought this book last year and I tried to read it. For some reason after reading the first chapter, I though the book was boring and I left it in the shelf. Sometime last month,  I was feeling low spiritually and I  woke up crying and singing "fill my cup lord". And God directed me to the shelf where I had kept this book.  The devil tries too hard but the harder he tries, he pushes me closer to God because there's really no other way. This book really did teach me how to stay Full of God. Now I know that anytime I feel down spiritually, I should: 

Pink Lips and Empty Hearts - Heather Lindsey 
A good read for every young lady seeking to develop an intimate relationship with God. I love how she writes like she's having a conversation with her friend or younger sister. I definitely enjoyed reading this. I learned a lot!


The Monk who sold his Ferrari -Robin Sharma
This book gave a lot of Aha Moments. It was like reading the Alchemist again and you all know how much I love that book! Check a few of my favorite quotes and lines from The Alchemist in this post HERE. 

Four Agreements -Miguel Ruiz
This book is 70 pages of wisdom bombs! It's perfect for anyone big on personal development. Although some of the chapters did not sit well with me as a Christian but in all its a great book. The four agreements are like a guide to authentic living. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD,  DO NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY,  NEVER ASSUME,  ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST 

The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren 
I just started reading this book and it has been amazing so far. The author advised to read just one chapter per day to get the best out of it. I'm on the 10th chapter and I'm having the best time. The end of each chapter has a point to ponder, verse to remember and a question to consider; all towards discovering the purpose God has for your life. I should do a review when I'm done. 


The Art of the start - Guy Kawasaki
I have recently added Guy to my list of role models/ mentors. I'm a DIY girl. I like to do things myself and get help only when needed. I believe all self-employed people are DIY people as well. I've always thought "even if I have to work for anyone at first, I must eventually do my own thing". This is the ultimate guide to starting a business or anything at all. I must confess that I'm not done reading it because this is not a book you rush to read, you have to soak in it and let the pages of every chapter sink whilst applying it to your venture. 

The Art of Evangelism - Guy Kawasaki 
I've often heard people say "maximize your strengths and work on your weaknesses" or something like that. That's what I've spent this year trying to do. By God's grace, there are a lot of things I'm good at but I still have so many things I need to work on  e.g public speaking, marketing; I digress . I found this article in the page of a Havard Business Review Magazine. It gave me a little push towards  putting myself out there. Here's a link to read it online HERE

It's not how good you are, its how good you want to be - Paul Arden
This is a book every creative or creative enthusiast must read. It's a really short book and I finished reading it in about 45 minutes. I peek into it occasionally to get motivation and inspiration I might need at the time. This book gives answers to questions you might have when you're trying to make the most out of yourself. If you need that little push to showcase your talent, this is your go-to book.

I completed about 11 or 12 books in the first half of the year as against my goal of 24 [a book a week] but I'm still proud of myself because last year I couldn't complete more than three books. The ones I listed are the ones that stood out.

I intend to do better in the second half by Gods grace.

So tell me, what books have you been reading?
What did you learn?
Do share!

With Love,


  1. Hey, can you tell me where you bought the Heather Lindley book? been looking for where to get her books in Nigeria. Thanks x

  2. I would really like to get some of these books. Maybe when I come to Lagos I'll see you for them.

  3. I really do need to start reading again. Lovely reads.

  4. Hi...stumbled on your blog today-good job! Please I'm with Olubolade on where to get Heather Lindley's books in Nigeria. Thanks.

    1. Hey, I found out from someone else you can order it from Amazon down to Nigeria.

    2. Thank you Olubolade for finding out. Been trying to find out myself to no avail. I borrowed the pink lips x empty hearts from a friend.


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