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Hello All!
Happy Weekend!

Not a usual blog post but nothing wrong with sneaking in a little hair talk eyy??

I'm not a hair person and in fact I'm the worst at hair care. I can go weeks without attending to my hair so long it's in braids or weaves which is really bad [not that I'm making any real efforts to change though :( ]. The best I can do right now is give my hair a good wash and conditioning once I take it out of protective style.

I used to have really scanty and weak hair and that made me cut my hair early last year. I tried to keep it "natural" but it was a "struggle" and I'm not about that life  so I texturized a bit and I'm so glad I did. I must say at this point that "virgin hair or relaxed hair", what really matters most is healthy hair.

I started using these shea moisture [ Thickening shampoo, Volumizing conditioner and thickening moisture mist] products shortly after texturizing my hair and I've seen visible difference. My hair is thicker and longer and I couldn't be happier considering where I've come from with my hair journey.

Do share with me what your favorite hair products are and why in the comment boxes!


  1. Looks like a great product. Greetings!

    1. It sure is!
      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Hello Kunmi! Please where did you buy the products from? Can you recommend the store? Its been a struggle to lay hands on Shea Moisture's products.


  3. Hello Tosin!
    My sister usually orders from America
    But I think and Jumia now have in stock


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