Into the woods

"So when they had come together, they asked him, “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”  He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority".- Acts 1v6-7

Its always weird to come back to the blog after so long especially when there's no excuse for why I've been away for almost a month. But it warms my heart to see that you all have still been visiting and leaving comments. I appreciate you. Welcome to all new blog readers. I hope you have the best time.
Meanwhile I got featured HERE and HERE

Life keeps happening and I feel bad that the blog has to suffer for it. I think it's about that time I created a blog schedule to help me stay consistent whilst bringing you only valuable content. This blog focuses on four things mainly 
 Spiritual Inspiration, DIY, Personal style and Personal development

My goal is to publish posts on this four major segments four times a month. So each week would bring a new post from any of the four segments simultaneously. This is the schedule that works for me at this time and I hope you guys stick with me like you always do.

For this blog and my entire journey, I don't want to be caught not adding value in anything I do that is why I have come up with this schedule as it helps me blog consistently and not rush to publish posts that make no meaning or add no value to my life or yours. Starting July, I'll let you know which day of the week to expect new posts.
These photos were taken when I visited Lekki conservation center with my family last weekend. I've always wanted to go there since I saw the reviews from Tosin and Sisi Yemmie HERE and HERE. Although I was exhausted from all the trekking we did and having to dodge monkeys that were just flying all around, it felt good to act like a tourist in my own city! I had a good time.
The denim jacke/Kimono and the Black dress are from ASOS.
While I was away, I also had time to finish editing  the ebook for the Love series that held on the blog in March.  31 DAYS OF LOVING LIKE JESUS in case you missed it or you are a new blog reader, check HERE to read all the posts in the series. The ebook has most of the experiences that were shared by different people. It's free and would be available for download soon. Those that have signed up to my mailing list would recieve theirs first! If you havent, Here the link to do so.

Ebook cover: Designed by me using picmonkey
Thank you Tomilola of and Tuke of for letting me use your photos for this cover. 

There! I have managed to blog about three things in one post *pheew*! Glad to be back.

With Love


  1. Cool. You look beautiful as always.
    Maybe I will visit the conservation centre one of these days too.

    1. Thank you Dvid!
      Yes you should!
      Theres not much to see sha but youll definitely get the tourist vibe

  2. Love the denim jacket, it's so chic. Love this look

  3. I love the kimono... Super cool

  4. love the jacket and the sandals, where did you get the sandals?


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