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Long time no outfit post; thing is I've been trying to redefine my style I still haven't figured it out yet but one thing I know is that no matter how hard I try to leave my comfort zone when it comes to dressing up, I ultimately always find my way back to minimalism. But once in a while I try to add just a little oomph twist to keep the outfit from looking boring. On this day, I was wearing a Tee and Jeans and decided to throw on a scarf, after searching all over Pinterest for ways to style a scarf I settled for this. I hope this serves as one out of a million inspirations for people that crave simplicity yet stylishness. 


Also, I've recently developed an obsession with scarves, so expect more looks soonish! 

My Unlooking pose is on a 100% in this post Lol. I really don't know why I kept Unlooking in almost all the photos

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I'm wearing
Basic Tee
Denim pants
Bag-Michael Kors

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  1. Just wearing heels alone switches up a casual look. Nice pictures

  2. Your shoes are so cute!!

  3. You look so chic, I love it.

  4. Love the + scarf make the difference.

  5. Unlooking game so strong haha!
    I like this minimalist effect with a dash off oomph as you'd call it.


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