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Just begin and the mind grows heated, continue and the task would be completed -Goethe

Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone has been great so far?! It's always so hard to blog again after a much-needed break but you know how sometimes there's just no way to hold back the river? That's the way it is with me and blogging. No matter how much I want to give up on it sometimes, I always find my way back. In all of this, one thing I've learned is that every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Each day is a chance to be the very best version of yourself! Without further ado, Heres what I've been up to lately.

I'm so excited about the Just concluded 31 DAYS OF LOVING LIKE JESUS it was very impactful to me personally, I learned a lot. I'm very grateful for the other Lives that were touched. In case you missed catch up on it HERE.

  • 31 days are over, but we can never stop Loving like Jesus so I asked God for a way to constantly remind people of His kind of Love seeing as the devil is constantly trying to make us think otherwise so He gave me an idea. 

GOOD NEWS!!! : I have started a new website solely for the purpose of sharing God's perspective of Love one story at a time.  : WHENLOVECOMESALIVE.COM. It is launching properly May 1st. If you have your Love story to share, please don't hesitate to send it to whenlovecomesalive@gmail.com
I'm also putting together a free ebook of the most impactful stories I have received and will be receiving. Sign up to my Mailing list to receive yours first! SIGN UP by clicking this link ==> HERE

  • I used to struggle with reading my Bible and I know many of us Christians do too. In fact the other day, I was asking a friend how she does study her Bible because I've tried using Devotionals; online and offline, I've followed guides etc but I kept on slacking. She told me that anytime I want to study, I should ask the Holy Spirit to lead me and that's just what I did. "challenge yourself, read two books of the Bible a month" that's what He said to me. [I'm still sort of new to talking and hearing from God but anytime I do it's always so exciting and it gives me a lot of assurance and peace, but I digress.] All the wisdom the world needs is contained in all of these books so I'm on a mission to read up, understand and all the books of my Bible. But I don't want to do it alone so I'm working on something will properly introduce in a new post very soon.

  • I officially started sending out newsletters to everyone on my mailing list in February and I'm super grateful to God that community is growing faster than ever. I send out monthly newsletters like this one HERE every month and starting next month by God's grace, I'd be sharing tips, early notifications x blog scoops, inspirational quotes and other cool things that would add sparkles to your life! I don't want to miss out on all of that so please sign up HERE. Thank you! 
  • One of my goals for this year was to work towards being Sold out to God and to start doing His work and walking HIS work. and I'm grateful that I've taken this bold step to start a journey of authentic living at this stage of my life.  I'm not even close to what I imagined but I'm not where I was yesterday so I'm thankful for that and I'm also thankful He used me to share the message of His Love through #31daysofLovinglikeJesus last month.
  • Another goal was to start writing an ebook and that's currently in the works. Love me with prayer guys! so that I can see this goal through because some days can be very discouraging.

  • I'm your typical "cancel on people to stay at home girl" but recently I've been more forthcoming to making new friends. I found Itunu's blog after she left a comment on mine a while back and we stayed in touch and realized that we have so much in common to we set a date to meet up, see a movie and talk about blog stuff. I almost canceled but I went anyway and I didn't regret it. It was a great day, we talked for over 5 hours and we didn't even realize. Imagine that! Lol. She shared a lot of Rhema with me.  We also shared ideas and we're working on something exciting that I cannot wait to share.  She has a great blog and she writes beautifully too check it out glowingscenes.com                                                                    
The Highlight of the day was seeing Disney's new Cinderella! It was so beautiful! I've seen most of the previous versions [All the cinderella stories], but this one is the original adaptation of the original story and cartoon if you know what I mean made it oh so different and perfect! I loved it!  Has anyone seen it? what did you think? 
  • I've stumbled on a couple of apps that have helped me to stay productive and I'll be sharing them in a separate blog post soon 
  • I put together a Love playlist for 31 days of Loving like Jesus and people also sent in recommendations. I'm currently loving Drops in the Ocean by Hawk Nelson [Thank you Omoloro]. This is a snippet from the chorus. 
  If you wanna know how far my love can go
Just how deep
Just how wide
If you wanna see how much you mean to me
Look at my hands
Look at my side
If you could count the times I'd say you are forgiven
It's more than the drops in the ocean


The winner of the mug and Journal from Day 14 is Eden Susan. 

I'll be emailing you shortly on how to claim your price. 

Yup! So that's it. All that's been happening. How are you guys?
How was Easter?
Do share with me what you've been up to or what you're currently Loving

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Stay Beautiful


  1. Amazing. I guess we need the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us the zeal to stay in God's prsence.
    I just followed your blog!

  2. I pray for guidance in all you have set forth to do. I loved the 31day love series!! Keep working. xx

  3. Welcome back Kunmi!
    Great plans!
    I pray they all come to fruition.

    And oh, I didn't win?? I want a journallllll.

    1. Amen
      Thank you so much
      aww I'll see what I can do Love

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! and thanks for following as well

  5. I've missed your blog I'm super proud of you! I'm glad you are doing this, keep going! solidly behind you. God takes care of His own. Mark my words ' You'll go places' far and wide! I've been considering an ebook too, but its taking me forever, but i know slowly but surely. Now I look forward to all these goodies.


    The Cocopolitan


    1. Thank you Mary! Amen Amen
      This means a lot
      Yes definitely Slowly but surely. These things take time.
      God bless you

  6. Aww congrats on your new website.


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