Day 21: Leading with Love

"Back in 2013, I had just been appointed as the Coordinator of my chapel service group at school. 
I started on a fairly poor note. As a person, I had a short temper. I found myself getting pissed off at 
every little mistake my unit members made. To make matters worse, I was unaware of the damage I was causing to my relationship with people. People were complaining greatly.
One night, one of my friends called me aside to talk to me. She told me how that people were complaining and how much damage I was doing to my relationships. I thank her for that and that night, I set out to work on my people skills and relationship building abilities. I picked up Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. That booked helped me a great deal. However, I can safely say that no book changed me the most than Kenneth E. Hagin's Love: The Way to Victory.

Reading that book opened me up to new things. I learned the root of real love is in Christ. I learned what it meant to really love unconditionally. I learned how to forgive quickly. And I learned about the fickleness of human love. Since that day, things have been better for me. Today, I can happily thank God that there's nothing anyone can do to me that I can't forgive. It has helped my relationship with people. I learned how to correct people without being judgmental. I also learned how to let go of unnecessary hurt and anguish. I'm really grateful for all of that.

True Loving is the foundation for every great leadership. Barbara Brouwer says, Loving God is the single most important qualification for leadership in his kingdom and I agree. Even the Bible in Luke 22:26 says a Leader should assume the role of a servant just Like Jesus assumed the role of a carpenter's son to show us the true meaning of Love. When it comes to leadership, all other skills are useless without Love. 
When people are appointed as leaders, we say "they are serving in office" but these days most people leave out the "serve" and just stay in office. Leadership is not just about public positions, leadership starts from the home. [Parents ate leaders of the home, the eldest child is the leader to the younger siblings]
So If you're a leader  in any capacity or looking to be one someday, you must first assume the role of a servant [of Jesus Christ] by doing this, love will come easy because Love serves. Sacrificial and none judgemental  Love will come easy because a servant of Jesus loves Jesus and you cannot love Jesus without Loving people.
Also. as leaders, we should not have a  "high up there attitude"  try to come down to everybody's level, this way you would create a great followership and show them the true meaning of Love just Like Jesus did.
A leader is not self-serving, judgmental or stuck up or hard-hearted. A leader doesn't act like the "great somebody" but relates with the "nobodies".

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