Day 5: Love thinks [before it speaks]

James 1:19
"My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."

Anyone that has finished NYSC [or is currently serving] knows all about clearance /general CD day hassle especially when everyone decided to go the same day.
Unfortunately, my first clearance day was a day like that and I wasn't even readaay [in kevin harts voice Lol]. It was also the same day I had to do my registration.
I hate queues but somehow I managed to be calm, even though, my legs were about to give way. I eventually got to the front of the line and this guy comes from nowhere

Guy: "Move I was here before you so you better go to the back of the queue". [This was obviously a lie because I had been there for hours]
Me: [unlooks]
Guy: "who are you looking at like that, huh?  What rubbish, you nonsense Idiot."
[What I wanted to say] ---> You are the nonsense idiot, you stupid, rubbish boy. Stop behaving like an illiterate and join the queue.
I took about 10 seconds, then I replied
[What I said] ----> Behave yourself and join the queue (in the lowest tone possible).
And He left.

Day 5: Love thinks before it speaks

 The tongue, though a small part of our bodies, is very powerful. I’ve been in situations where I was under pressure and I was too quick to speak so I got myself in trouble. Just imagine what would have happened if tried to form Madam Macho and spit out all those words. He probably would have gotten even more pissed and we'll cause a scene and exchange words (and maybe a few punches and I would have left the place with a nosebleed lol I kid) but there's no love in that. The Lover in me reasoned that he was probably having a bad day and had to find a way to vent. 
We all face this type of situations every day; at home, at work, on the bus, on the road, at the supermarket etc. but Love is not easily angered [see 1 Corinthians 13:5.]. Today make a conscious effort not to speak too quickly, before you make any rash statement count 1-10.  Not every statement requires a reply. Your silence doesn’t mean you’re weak, It only shows what a strong Lover you are!

When we're talking about Loving like Jesus thinking before you speak is so important and cannot be overemphasized. It's not just about not getting angry easily; I totally cannot stand being around people that always find something to say about others. "her hair is so ugly", "what kind of brows did she draw", "how did she watch herself get so fat" etc we never know what anyone is going through and saying negative things would definitely not change their situation but a kind word and finding a way to make comments nicely goes a long way. [More of this in tomorrow's post!] Let's start today by thinking before we say things to others. Before you open your mouth, stop and ask yourself how what you're going to say is going to affect the person in the long run. 

Notice how the last three days somehow have a link? If you're patient, you would not be quick to speak or get angry easily, and if you can do both, you'll definitely be able to live with others and this is what Loving like Jesus is all about.

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This is day 5 of #31daysofLovinlikeJesus you can click here to see a list of posts in these series.

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  1. Lol! I can totally relate!
    Sometimes it seems like people are on a mission just to make us mad, but thank God for God o.
    In all situations, love truly is the answer.

    1. Lool abi Thank God for God
      if not for his Love ehn . I'm glad his love and grace is sufficient to deal with such situations

  2. This post was meant for me!!!! I usually try to avoid insulting and using negative words and also encourage people to stop as well. But the moment I get into my car to drive to work or somewhere...I turn into this 'person' I can't relate with. The kind of insults I start to reign on fellow drivers (you know how lagos drivers can be!!) ... And I'll get to my destination and sit to think about all I said and I'll be soo disappointed with myself and start to feel remorseful. I pray about it causally and try to stop but I guess I haven't really been looking at it as an actual problem and make more efforts towards stopping. But this post has encouraged me to act with love indeed and pray more seriously about it. Thank You Kunmi. :*

    1. I can totally relate to this. The look I even give some people is worse than the insults that I keep my mouth from spilling. I'm glad this post helped and I pray for grace for all of us to be loving and patient in situations like this.


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