Day 4: Love learns to Live with others

Get along with each other; don’t be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody.-Romans 12:16

I love Ice cream a lot! and my favourite Ice cream shop is cold stone creamery. Whenever I go there I'm tempted to try out the different signatures and different combinations but I always order the same thing [keyword: always] Oreos Overload even with testimonies of how amazing other signatures are, I just won’t change my order for anything but I digress 

 I'm not a fan of change especially when it has to do with my personal things especially my personal  space. I attach sentimental values to people and things and when I have to change, I get really upset. [I usually expect everyone/thing to adjust to me but I don't like to do the same, till God taught me a Love lesson] 

From my first year at University, I shared a room with people from my inner circle until  my third year when everything changed and I had to share with someone I was not used to. I was really upset and I automatically didn't like her for no reason.

I was determined not to get along. I was hardcore and I persisted in being mean so I spent half the time complaining and most times I wouldn't stay in my room, I'd pick on every little thing she did and  one time I totally moved out of the room it upset me even more that she was not really bothered  There she was living and stuff and I was so full of anger. I could not wait for the semester to be over. 

 But God really wanted to teach me this love lesson so guess who was my roommate in my final semester??

I was really upset because I already told God that I wanted final year to be a breeze but my Spirit told me to just go with the flow and I did [even though sometimes I  tended towards prejudice]. I t wasn't easy, but I tried. 
Living with her in final year was way better than the first two times because I learned to adapt, overlook her flaws and love her and I'm sure she overlooked mine as well and we lived. What can I say? LOVE IS LIFE. 

Day 3: Love adapts

Do you have a colleague, boss, classmate, business partner, even family member that you cannot even stand?! Today be determined to see the beauty in that person and overlook their flaws and just adapt. Loving God includes loving people.  You've got to love both.
Love adapts and makes the best out of the situation, and Love keeps an open mind and puts up with flaws and all. Love focuses on the positive. Take out time  to study that person and focus on the things they do that don't annoy you so much and focus on those things and love them for those things. 
 Having the mindset that we are all equal in God's eye is Love. Love is not cliquish [see Hebrews 13:2]. Discover the beauty in everyone you come across. don't be easily irritable, if you've got it in you, get along with everybody. 

We all have faults and weaknesses, but we also have things about us that are good, we must look harder to find the good in some than in others but for Jesus this is what we must do | Joyce Meyer

This is day 4 of #31daysofLovinlikeJesus you can click here to see a list of posts in these series.

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  1. The day someone interpreted loving your neighbour as being the YARDSTICK for loving GOD, I was like oh-oh" For real?!!!!lool. I felt I couldn't doing it. I was like, but that's not possible. Why would God do this to us..., to but I told myself I would try, I'd do it because I wanted to show him how much I love him.

    Lovely post on Love :) Welldone Kunmi. More grace and strength.

  2. great's not easy to decide to love but it os sooo worth it in the end! i like ur blog :)

    1. Hey thank you for dropping
      Yes the demands of Loving like Him wont be easy but we have to be the change and start somewhere


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