Day 15: A mothers Love is a reflection of God's Love

My phone screen cracked on the 10th of February 2015, it happened as I got home from fixing my blackberry at computer village.
The words "Upset" & "Distraught" don't even come close to describing how I felt.
The plan was to fix it on the 12th. I woke up that morning and discovered a piece of glass stuck in my palm. It hurt so much, I strolled down to the hospital in my estate instead of going to the hospital where I have insurance about 30 minutes away. I did this despite my mum's suggestion to go to our regular hospital. I just wanted the glass out so I could start my day plus I didn't want to be stuck in early morning traffic.
So, I got to the hospital, the doctor scraped the piece of glass out with a razor and the nurse proceeded to give me a tetanus jab to prevent infection.
 I got home and my arm was just heavy, I spent the greater part of my day on the bed (Thankfully I was on a short break from work that week). The pain was intense and it was really difficult carrying out my activities with one functioning arm. I went back to the hospital that evening and the nurse said that the heaviness was a side effect of the Tetanus Jab so I should take paracetamol. If things haven’t improved by the next morning I should come back to the hospital.
 So, Friday the 13th came and I had never experienced such pain in my arm before. I couldn’t even wash my underwear as the pain I felt when I moved my left arm was unbearable. I cried that day, the thought that my hand could possibly be in this state for the next 4 months was not a pleasant one (Googling side effects of Tetanus didn’t help my situation).  I couldn’t write or blog or think of even playing my saxophone and to make matters worse, my period started the day before. 
 My mum came home from work and her driver took me to the hospital with her PA. She wasn’t very pleased as she had told me to go to our regular hospital from the get go but I went against her wishes. I got into the doctor’s office, he checked my tummy and it was tender. I started feeling dizzy after a while and I stood up so my vision could stabilise, next thing I was throwing up. They took some blood to run tests and then I got moved to my regular hospital.
My mum spent the rest of the day with me. She carried my bag and fed me, like she actually cut the snail into pieces and put it in my mouth like I was a baby. I really didn’t have an appetite that day plus one hand had the drip while the other was stiff/too painful to move.
 I was also pretty frightened of the needles because I felt like the tetanus jab caused all the *wahala*  I was going through. I remember when the doctor at the second hospital wanted to take some blood, I said Mummy o, and he started laughing at me and asked for my age as I was acting like a small girl.
 My mum was on top of the whole situation, she made sure I was taken to the emergency ward to receive immediate treatment; she sacrificed her whole day to make sure I was taken care of, even though her health isn’t a 100. I slept with my head in her lap on the journey back home and she covered me with her scarf to make sure I was warm. She sat on the hard chair even though she was tired and needed rest and didn’t complain about it. She just reminded me that I should have listened to her.
 If my mother who isn’t perfect has this much love for me, imagine the kind of Love our heavenly father has towards us. Luke 15:7-10 talks about Heaven rejoicing when the soul of one sinner is saved. God loves us all no matter how badly we’ve wronged (not saying that you should keep on sinning o)
 This experience reminded me of the prodigal son, he disobeyed his father and left the house but he when came home his father welcomed him with open arms, throwing a bash in his honour. Love keeps no record of wrongs: 1 Corinthians 13:5b

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you... Isaiah 66:13
True Love is the most exhilarating  [bonding] experience a human can ever have and that's God's Love. What better day to connect the subject of God's Love to a mother's Love than today. 
Almost, if not every mother is like Tuke's mum and they come to our rescue even when we do the most foolish things, they are our greatest cheerleaders, they support us even when they don't understand us. Mothers are our behind the scenes that make us bestsellers and superstars. They hardly ever stay mad at us but use each bad experience to teach us discipline. Mothers give a clean slate, they serve, they care for us, they appreciate us, they go the extra mile, they bear all things, they believe in us. Our mothers make us strong and prepared for whatever life throws our way they help us to believe in ourselves.  I could go on and on but you get my point already yeah? Only one other person would do all of this for us and that's God and he does a better Job than they can every do for us but still we should all appreciate mothers today because it's quite hard to do their job and love like they do, but they still pull through. No matter what, a mother's heart would always go out to her child.
Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful mothers in the world Loving their Children and their home Unconditionally you're the real MVP's. We love you.

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  1. Thank God you are better now. They are actually the real mvp, they may annoy and all but they always have our best in mind. Whenever I think of God's love for me sometimes it make me cry, I still find it hard to grasp. Even when I know I'm wrong I'm still sure he's there.

  2. Happy Mothers day to our mothers and to us all soon to be mothers...
    The ability to nurture and love like God loves His children is a priceless one that God has placed in us...

  3. Awww so touching.. Mothers are like God's on earth. They are pricessless beyond our imaginations. Even when we go against their words, they still come through for us when we encounter danger. They see the beauty in us when everyone else sees our flaws and shortcomings. May God continue to bless and keep our mothers, and may we also grow to become good mothers aswell.

  4. True, I personally believe my Mother is the strongest woman on earth, literally. She goes through so much for Us, I dont even understand it, Maybe when I have Children I will but I love her to bits, this is a beautiful article, like, the tears were so close, lol


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