Day 13: Love believes the best

There's so much freedom that comes from not taking things personally ...
                                                                                                    Miguel Ruiz
Love gives the benefit of the doubt. Love doesn't take things personally. In order to Love, you have to get to a point where it’s almost impossible to hurt/upset you. Drop it, Leave it and let it go.People would always be people.

A while back, a friend [whom I helped when he was at his lowest point] said some pretty hurtful and damaging things about me to my closest friends. I was disappointed, hurt and angry.  I spent days contemplating going to confront him and make him say the truth but there was no good in that. So I did myself a favour and believed the best. Even when several people came to tell me what they heard, I chose to believe that he didn’t set out to hurt me and it was probably because he was at a low point in his life at the time and didn’t know who else to take it out on. Two wrongs never make a right. I chose to believe that him spreading a rumor was definitely not about me so instead of letting his poison affect me, I chose to believe the best 

Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing.” [Luke 23:24]

Of course! Jesus has to be the perfect example for believing the best of people, after all, He did love us while we were yet sinners [see Romans 5:8]  How many of us would even think to pray for someone after they [just] hurt us? Talk more of people that want to kill us? If I was there when Jesus prayed that, I'd probably be confused as to why he would pray for them .This verse had me like “what manner of Love is this?!”I can’t even comprehend it. He held nothing against those who killed Him, instead he prayed for them believed the best of them.

Believing the best of people is not a sign of  weakness, don’t listen to people that say “I won’t take that if I were you”; see it as having nothing to lose and everything to gain because a stronger love walk means a stronger walk with God. Be determined to Love like Jesus and give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. Believing the best of everyone not only helps us not to be quick to anger but also helps us not to be quick to judge others. Let it all go before Jesus. Pray for them and watch how amazing and free you would feel after.

This is day 13 of #31daysofLovinlikeJesus you can click here to see a list of posts in these series.

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  1. I like the fact that you always have a real life experience to back it. I've learnt a lot about love these few days.

    1. Thank you and I thank God for using this to bless you


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