Day 12: A father's boundless Love


Elyon is an awesome friend. Elyon is an excellent listener, you know that one friend that always has the best answers and advice and solutions at every point in time; that’s the kind of friend Elyon is. Above all, Elyon is a lover! 
He never allowed feelings or emotions to come in the way of our friendship even though sometimes I always did. Because he was the perfect friend I felt I didn’t deserve Him so I tried so hard to make Him happy and then at some point I just got tired of trying.
I don’t know if it has ever happened to you to want to deliberately hurt someone, but I think I deliberately chose to hurt Him. I actually remember that period and it’s like everything that I knew He didn’t like I kept doing them consciously and unconsciously.
I think I succeeded in pushing Him away to some extent but He was still always somewhere around the corner hoping I would realize that He was still there. 
I realized how much I had missed Elyon’s company one afternoon in Mid-April, 2014; and I just kept thinking, and I could only remember good days and good times with him and how awesome he was as my friend. 
I slept off thinking and then I got a call later on and it was from Elyon. He reminded me of what He had put into the friendship and wasn’t going to allow it just die because I didn’t understand or I tried to push Him away. At that point I felt so loved, and I kept asking “Why do you love me so?” and I remembered once during our conversation when He said nothing could separate me from His love for me. Rom 8:39. Apparently He understood the price He had paid for our friendship and I didn’t.

I am sure by now you understand that I am talking about my relationship with God.[Elyon -God Most High] At that point in my life, I felt so unworthy and undeserving of His love for me and it really affected my decisions, my relationships, in fact,  my entire person. But then God still showed up for me and gradually I understood how much I meant to Him and I’m still learning about His love for me. For most people that is how their relationship with God started. You have to be ready to learn about His love for you and also be ready to love Him in return.It is your love for God that will make you love all else truly. 
So for me when 2015 came around and I considered what my New Year resolution would be or what the theme of the year would be, I was convinced it had to be to LOVE – God first and everything else.

"I'm fully convinced that nothing can separate us from the love of God" [Romans 8:38].... It is very important that we understand this scripture if we must understand the depth of God's Love. The depth of His Love is overwhelming and it's very different from human Love. Human love acts on the way things are, but God's Love acts on the way we wish things be. When the going gets tough human love gets going and leaves behind a trail of broken hearts but God's Love never stops trying. God's love is strong enough to step up to the challenge of fixing our brokenness. We need to understand that God does not stay mad at us, His love never gives up on us, it looks past our flaws and faults so we should never think it's too late. That's why I love this song by Anthony brown. The Lyrics are powerful Love lyrics and we should all listen to it as a constant reminder that his Love for us knows no bounds. 

His love goes deep enough to forgive the unforgivable
It’s strong enough to hold you up when you are falling down...

...Enough to look past all your faults and see your needs
To forgive you when he knows that you might do it again
And like a father to a child he’ll never give on you, he’ll never throw in the towel

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