Update: Life Lately.

                                                                        LIFE X BLOG 

  • As you might have noticed, I haven't been posting on a regular basis lately. I feel really bad about it but I've been pretty much occupied since the year started. I started work and its time consuming. I'm literally tired half the time but I'm still trying to find a balance as this  blog would always be part of my top priorities but right now I'm like a really bad circus juggler. 
  •  I'm working on an exciting project for the blog and I'm collaborating with a bunch of amazing people on it as well. I'm itching to share what its about with you guys but you'd have to wait for it. I don't want to ruin it. But I'm sure you would Love it!
  •  I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to change the tagline for the blog [As you might have already noticed]. I refer to my Bible as "My manual for maximized Living"; Since I'm trying to live daily according to the precepts of this manual, the Holy spirit laid in my heart to turn this blog to a guide to teach and inspire others through personal experiences and any other thing He lays in my heart to share.
  • I received a package from Damilola Oke of FIERCE AND MODISH on behalf of the ICONOLA BRAND and I cant wait to do a  post on it  and share full details with you guys 


  • So far so good, the only goal I've been able to somehow keep up with is my reading goal [a book a week]. I read two and half out of four book for January and I think that's not bad for a start. 48 weeks to go!
  • I'm currently reading "THINK LIKE A WINNER" by  Yehuda Shinar". 

                                                            BLOG POSTS X LINKS 

  •  I love this post from Tomilola Escada of My Style Loveletters || On Craving a relationship with God and staying stylish]  HEREThe topic of modesty has been on my mind for a while now and I was going to do a whole post on it but Tomi just took the words right out of my mouth and that's why you should read her post if you've ever been worried about staying stylish whilst sticking to your beliefs. 
My 2 cents... 
I don't like to be referred to as sexy. It took a long while and a lot of soul searching to come to this realization. I noticed that half the time I was called sexy, its because I was wearing an outfit that was sexually alluring and did not please God I hate to admit but sometimes I wore them intentionally [you know, just to get those few extra likes and comments on Instagram].
I'm still trying to find a balance between presenting myself as beautiful, feminine and attractive without being intentionally sexually alluring. A balance between dressing to kill and dressing to save.
Stephen Altrogge says "Achieving such a delicate balance obviously requires some serious, Proverbs-like wisdom, which can only be obtained through large doses of Scripture and a whole lot of prayer". I agree. 

  • I love anything that makes my work easier and keeps me organized that's why I Love this post from Dara of Love, Darbie || 5 Resources for the Busy Creative. It was really helpful.


  • Pocket: Its an app I also discovered  from Dara's post and I love it so much. I usually just clog my browser with bookmarks I want to read or refer to later and its always really hard to locate a link when I need it. Pocket saves me from all that stress. Read More HERE 

  • Finally I'm Loving I BELIEVE  by Mali Music. And the chorus is oh-so  perfect for trying times  
I'm just one ah them ole people who's got to hold on
Sometimes I can't see but I still believe
He's taking care of me, yes He is
I'm just one ah them ole people God's got a hold on
Don't You let go of me, Lord please 
I believe, I believe 

I added a new item to the blog shop, Its a Vintage blouse I bought on an impulse last year and I don't see myself wearing it because its quite extravagant and its really not my style but its really beautiful. 
Check it out HERE

Do share with me what you've been up to and what things you're Loving at the moment

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  1. Awesomeness in each word, sentence and paragraph. I most especially love the part where modesty is touched. I'm looking out for more posts! You go girl :)

  2. I really love that song to! I really love your write ups kumoni!!! keep it up

  3. Slightly jealous I'm not one of the amazing people you're working on a project with but I'll join the bandwagon and wait on it.

    Yes to personal experience posts, yes to inspiring people with it. That's the reason I never shy away from sharing my thoughts and musings on my blog.

    I love that picture up there and the way you organized this post

    Loving the new tagline


    1. I know right and that's one of the major reasons I love your blog!

      Thank you Cassie

      I sent you an email before this comment, but I just resent it. Do check it out


  4. I'm seriously feeling the newspaper backdrop. Too cool. And thank you for the links �� just downloaded pocket ��

    Black Fabulousity

    1. Thank you
      I'm sure you would Love it!

  5. i love the picture up there and the new tagline.
    i feel slightly jealous reading of how the holyspirit inspired you.
    i hope that someday i will be on that same level.
    p.s: i want to shoot double dose with you, would send you a msg soon.x

    1. Amen.

      Yaay! I'd be expecting your message

  6. Really enjoyed this post. I think it's more about the intention behind what you're wearing than the outfit itself. You can wear a "sexy" dress in a very modest way and still look very classy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :)

  7. The newspaper background! Tried it recently as well and I'm still in love lol. Nice post Kunmi and I do love Mali music too.

  8. This is wonderful, Kunmi. Modesty, especially when you have so many standards surrounding you, set by other people, is kinda confusing. I also started a book a week thing. Joined the twitter bookclub on twitter. @TheReadClub.
    Check it out

  9. This picture is everything, i love that hat and i'm getting around to buying and wearing them too.
    First time on your blog, yea i'm late *cover's face*.
    Great post.

  10. Just found your beautiful space. Great post Olakunmi! Will definitely try out the Pocket app :-)


    1. Thank you Yvonne
      I hope you stay

  11. Great post here and I love all the new changes you are making on your blog. Congratulations on your new job too. I never use that word "sexy" too; never use it on myself and never use it on others. Your blog is an inspiration. Keep it up. 😄

  12. I think your Instagram link is broken. I clicked on it and it says "page not found." Please, check it out. My Instagram handle is; beautyojo. Let's connect.

  13. Wow! Very lovely post.


  14. Great post. I love your blog niché and that you are comfortable in it. That's some inspiration for me. Keep it up.
    Found your blog through the 30minutes post with desiree. You have all my best wishes.


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