An opportunity to share your Love Story

Do you have a Love Story? 

Just a second before you answer that, let me tell you about mine. 

The other day I was reading one of my old journals from 2012 and I got to a page where I quoted Shakespeare "Love is familiar, Love is a devil, there is no evil angel but love". I laughed hard at my foolishness. I obviously had not met the real Author of Love then.

I had that mindset for a while though till I read  1 Corinthians, I got full insight through the Holy Spirit into the Godly perspective of Love and it was truly amazing. I kept going back and forth and each time I read it, I found myself subconsciously (sometimes consciously) practicing anything I read. This was the beginning of a journey that kept me stirred up in Love whilst transforming me till date. My Love story is still being written as with each passing day, I'm being reduced to love [Like Jesus].

I was eager to share this amazing experience with you all back then, but I perceived in my spirit that my timing wasn't quite right and now I understand why.  [He only wanted to make it bigger]

While I was at camp in November, I bought a book by Joyce Meyer: Reduce me to Love which further broadened my insight on the amazingness of God’s Love. I couldn't stop reading and I hoped the book wouldn't end. It was truly amazing and that’s the recommended book for this process. 

This March let’s take an in-depth look at Love but not just any Love; True Love, which is God's kind of Love which in truth is the only type of Love and like my blog neighbor and friend Itunu says, every other is a counterfeit. I agree

On our own, we are incapable of Love, but Jesus left us with a commandment to Love each other like he does [see John 13:34] that's why for 31 days in March, we are turning to scriptures to learn the perfect examples and secrets of how to Love like Jesus.

I must say, Love is more than just a mere feeling; you have to choose to Love and don't wait to feel Love. Love is not a feeling but an act! You do it on purpose. That is why for the next 31 days, myself and a few friends would be sharing personal experiences on how we learned to Love better. We're talking self Love, people Love and of course God's Love and the best part is that we're not just talking about it, we would be acting it out. Each day will tell a different story and challenge you to a Love task.I know the demands of Love might seem hard but don't give up [Because God will never give up on you and God is love. [Love never quits]. Don't feel bad when people don’t appreciate your love, it doesn't mean love has failed. It should only push you to Love more.

Galatians 6:9 says "and let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."

Love upholds us, it gives us joy. It pleases God when we walk in love. Love always has positive results than anything else. [Joyce Meyer, Reduce Me to Love]

My love story is about how God loves me and how far he goes to win my heart every day. 

So tell me, do you have a love story, is it similar? Yes? Shoot me an email =>

The #31daysofLovinlike Jesus starts March 1. 

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