HELLO 2015! : DAWN

DAWN: a beginning

In as much as I wanted to write an end of year post yesterday, I sat in front of my laptop and stared for a long time and didn't know when time passed and before I knew it bam! we're in 2015! Ha! Happy New year my people! ^.^ God did it and here we are! 364 days to go! Are you readaay?!

First new year out of school and trust me its scary but I'm not afraid.  I start a new job in a few days and I don't know what to expect but I'm still looking forward to it. I titled this post "dawn" not only because its the beginning of a new year, but its also a beginning of a new chapter in my life. 

The beginning of fearlessness and by that I don't mean I would never be afraid but it means approaching every situation with God confidence.

The beginning of appreciating the gift God has put in others, putting aside my insecurities and focusing on my own gifts. I finally understand that God's spirit hands out Variety, but to each his/her own originality so there's no point coveting the gift God has put in others instead of accepting that He put them there for me to enjoy. 

The beginning of freedom from the need to impress other people and end of looking at everyone else to see how I ought to be.

The beginning of Positivity!  Not that I've ever been a negative nancy but I always allow depressing thoughts linger for too long but trust me I've made an effort to leave all of that in 2014.

The beginning of getting out of my comfort zone, so I've always wanted to encourage people but I allowed limiting thoughts that I'm a shy introvert and public speaking is not my thing set me back .  I got a blog comment yesterday, encouraging me to forget about the shyness and jut allow God lead [Thank you Frances] and that's all I'm going to do from now. Not that i didn't already know that but I just needed someone to remind me  What can I say? It be like that sometimes. 

The beginning of reading a lot more books! Thank God for this amazing twitter account THE READ CLUB [which I think every reader should join] I'd be doing more of that this year.

The beginning of letting go of things; [material and emotional things] I tend to hold on to stuff I know I don't need any longer but on the last day of last year I finally decluttered and it feels good to have room to let more things in

The beginning of taking risks and following my heart. The beginning of living with purpose and passion! This year I'm going to live! Last year I found God in myself, this year I'm going to Love her fiercely.

The beginning of eating healthy and stopping this crazy sugar addiction! 

The beginning of blogging how I want to and most especially as the spirit leads. I don't think I reached my full blogging potential last year but I thank God for life and another opportunity to use the gift He has given me to its fullest.

2014 blog recap: Here are some of your favorite posts from last year 

Do share with me the things you would like to start doing this year in the comment box below.

                           Cheers to a better 2015! I Love you all. Happy New year! 

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  1. Love this post!! Especially the part on appreciating that God put gifts in everyone
    Happy new year kunmi


  2. Happy new year! I pray that the year is all these and so much more. Have a God-centred year

  3. Happy New Year Kunmi. Trust with God by your side you can never go wrong.


  4. Happy new year dear.
    Cheers to 2015

  5. Really beautiful dear..I love that you are on the part to stepping out of your comfort zone cuz that has been my mission since I started a new chapter.. though, I must say stepping out has been really uncomfortable but you gotta stretch if you want to grow.


    1. Yeah it can get that way, but whats most important is that we make an efforet!

  6. Happy New Year lavv! One step at a time!



  7. man....... This was a good post! It's like everything U wrote down I could relate for real! Wish you all the best for this year!

    1. I'm soo glad you could relate!
      I wish you all the best as well
      God bless

  8. Awesome post Kunmi! I share most of your views as action plans for the year.. Enjoying the gifts deposited in others rather than covet them, worrying less and trusting God for direction. Keep it up ..

  9. Happy New Year Kunmi! You sure are doing great and you will definitely be greater.


  10. Love this! And I have the same problem with public speaking. Hopefully I'll get over it. Happy New Year and good luck with the chapter in your life and your new job! - culturedmisprint.blogspot.com

  11. Happy New year Kunmi...i'm excited to see just how high God takes you..to see just how much He uses you to turn around lives for Him...
    Yes, God's glory will shine through you :-)

    My 2015 is basically wrapped in living in God's purpose for my life..I'm going all out this year by God's grace.
    I'm scared but it's a good thing, it means my reliance on God will be total..no holding back and that's a mighty good thing :-)

    Unto a greater 2015, amen.

  12. great post! I hope you have a wonderful 2015!


  13. Happy New Year hun.
    This is the 1st year I'll be oust of school myself so I understand how you feel.
    But a positive attitude always helps.
    Hopefully, we get to meet each other, this year xx


    1. I'm definitely going to try to stay positive through it all
      I cant wait to meet you myself!

      Have a great year Tomilola!

  14. I love the start of a new year but most importantly, I love reading about everyones' goals for the new year. I was checking off things in my head as I read this post. I literally have to work on the same thing. I'm not shy but public speaking isn't my thing so I need to work on that so I can inspire little girls like I want to. Cheers to a cheer full of wonders. xx


  15. Nice! Focus on my giftings this new year. Check! 😁


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