Meet Me Halfway

After three weeks of morning drills, uncomfortable bath time, Parades, co-habiting with strangers that later became friends etc at NYSC camp , I'm back and better and by Gods grace I should be putting up back to back blog posts before the New year. This post was supposed to have gone up three weeks ago but then life happened and here we are.  

Don't you just love how the crop top and high waists [Pants, skirts..etc] make a perfect match and complement each other, literally meeting each other halfway and making a perfect match? 

It made me think about how  we have to meet God halfway for our Miracles to happen. We shouldn't always wait till we hit Rock bottom before we acknowledge that there is God; most of us sit around and wait till things go extremely wrong before we say our deepest heartfelt prayers begging for a miracle. 

Meeting God halfway basically means working hand in hand with God,  doing your best and leaving the rest to Him instead of doing nothing at all, after all heaven helps those who helps themselves. 

Use the resources that God has put in your way as your commitment to meet God halfway and don't sit around waiting for God to help you do things that he has given you the ability to do by yourself.

Take a que from the Centurion in Luke 7:2-7  who put aside his position and status to met God halfway in order to save his friend. He used the people in his way to Get to Jesus and even at that he still made an effort to get to Jesus for help all by himself. 

There are two ways to approach meeting God halfway 
(i) Accepting That you cannot do it all on your own and you're willing to get over yourself and be vulnerable, push your pride aside and accept Gods help and Gods help can come in diverse ways
(ii) Refusing to sit around and wait for things to happen but using every available influence of Gods goodness to move to the next level!

Back to the Outfit! I'd pick them over normal/low waist jeans all day Err day. Thing is its not even high because it sits directly on your normal waist and when dressing up I'm all about comfort. For some reason I never find my size of normal(low) waist jeans they are either too small or too large. I was super happy when I found these pair and I couldn't think of anything better to pair them with. The crop top and high waist will never go out of style for me. They meet halfway and that's just the perfect match!

Outfit deets>>> Crop top: Tailored|| Shoes: H&M ||  Jeans: Random shop


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  1. I'm just lusting after those white shoes.
    Welcome back to civilization !

  2. I want your jeans! Evn though it's not my size. Hehehe.

  3. Love the crop. Your hair is really lovely.

  4. Lovely!!! Lovely, I love the jeanss

  5. I especially love high waisted bottoms with cropped tops Ola! You look stunning as always!


  6. Love the whole look, very chic.

  7. Last one, lool. But you look stunning ayee and I love how you always incorporate Scriptures/life lessons into your posts.


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