From being super stressed because of NYSC to Clocking 21 last week Thursday to planning a party get-together ; trust me, my week was super packed and I only just got time to settle down and put up  blog posts from the many sitting in drafts. I'd try my best to publish all before the new Year! 

I got this Tee as a birthday present and it inspired this post. The good and best times of 2014 outweighed the bad times and I can only look back and say a massive THANK YOU to God for everything. 

In a nutshell... 

GOOD TIMES:- Waking up each day || Graduating with  2:1 B.sc degree in Economics and making my parents proud || Finally getting a dslr camera! 

BAD TIMES :- Finding it hard to say no to depressing thoughts  which also affected the blog || Final year project hassle but I thank God for turning everything to a testimony for me per usual!

BEST TIMES: Overcoming the fear of failure through God's Love ||Turning 21|| Vera and Violets wedding! 

I think this is also the appropriate post to share the things I learned in 2014 as I've been writing them down since July so here goes... 

After graduating in June, I was ready to take on the world but then God pulled me back and it was then I learned my first lesson  MAN PROPOSES BUT GOD DISPOSES. I've heard that line used more often than not but I took it for granted till I experienced it first handI had a super long list of things I wanted to do after graduation, where I wanted to work, the places I wanted to go, what I wanted this blog to look like, Funny how I never thought of what God wanted. I'm still learning to take things in stride and not get ahead of myself, most importantly, to not get ahead of God.

I also learned that PATIENCE IS KEY  I wrote so much on that HERE and HERE

More Lessons...

+ To dance in the rain because if I keep waiting for the storm to pass I might have to wait a while.
+ To Live within my means
+ To Go where the Love is ; not everyone would Love me but I should appreciate and stick to those who do
+ I can never invest in myself enough
+ To follow my dreams because the literally are not going to give up following me
+ Rejection is inevitable but persistence is key
+ When you judge people, you leave no room in your heart to Love them.
+ To stop letting rock bottom be my teacher
+ "Comparison is the Thief of Joy!" It really is. 

What was your year like? Do share with me in the Comment box below! I'd love to hear from you

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Stay Beautiful 


  1. This really got to me *when you judge people,you leave no room in your heart to love em* I don't know you but I'm proud of you. The fact you are just 21 and this wise is just so cool, I know so many peeps in their 20s that I can't even stand cos they act so childish and have loose tongues. God's plan is always the best. Keep it up dear

    1. Awww Sogie! Its all God
      Thank you so much
      God bless you !

  2. Awww, congrats to you on your graduation!
    I wonder why I didn't know you then during the final year stress and "what ifs".
    I have s soft spot for those who have a tough time mostly with the grades cuz I had small issues of faith before I got my 2:1 too.
    Glad you graduated on top!

    And oh, that's my biggest lesson for 2014 too.
    I can't plan what I want to and leave God aside. I have to follow after His will,not mine.
    When I learnt this, my prayer point changed.
    It was hard for me to drop my own mind set for God's plans, but it's always worth it.

    I transcribed Nathaniel Bassey's message on the will of God for everyone because I thought the will of God is something that all believers should all understanding. You can check and read it on my blog, I have no doubt that it will be of help to you.


    1. Thank you so so much!
      I just followed your blog !
      I'll be reading all relatable posts!

  3. Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday
    Secondly, Congratulations on getting that 2.1 in Economics, it's not a small feat!
    Thirdly, great lessons learnt, I concur with them all :)


  4. It's so obvious you're good at dancing, unlike some of us :|

    "To stop letting rock bottom be my teacher - This btw, got me nodding like "Preachhhhhhhh"

    1. Lol Kachi. Its not easy most times, but i try
      I'm glad you could resonate as well
      Thanks for dropping by


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