WISEBUYS: 6 Bloggers share and review their best beauty buys

I love collaborations!. I got in touch with these beautiful ladies to feature on this weeks wise buy post and since I shared my best beauty buy in the last post HERE I thought to ask other bloggers to pitch in and share theirs in this post. Next best buy segment would be on best fashion buys so be sure to keep checking out the blog as I would be featuring different bloggers and even blog readers from time to time

MARANATHA|| The best beauty product I've used this year is definitely the beauty blender. It's a makeup tool that totally transforms your makeup and leaves your face looking airbrushed like magazine models. I can't live without it. It's definitely a staple in my makeup kit. It can be purchased from accessoriesng.com.

CASSANDRA|| Best beauty product has to be House of Tara's Jemila lipstick , I'm not exactly a "beauty product" person so my picks are quite limited but I loved the lipstick so much that I wrote a post on it. Lol
I love it because its like the perfect matte red lipstick ( again I haven't tried a lot so yeah ), it applies well, gives off this ruby-woo'ish retro feel and well, its Red!!. It can be purchased on jumia, konga and any House of Tara outlet 

IBUKUN||There's two products I'm not sure I could live without: a jar of virgin coconut oil and my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Pink Punch.
Coconut oil is great for taking my makeup off at night just before cleansing. It doesn't make me break out and even helps my skin produce less oil. I love my Maybelline BL because it's a tinted lipbalm in a pretty shade of pink. As long as I have it in my bag, I don't need to worry about dry and boring lips throughout long school days.
You can get a great jar of virgin coconut oil from olori.com.ng and Maybelline BL in Pink Punch from accessoriesng.com

MIDE|| My favorite product has to be the Jordana Pencil.  I love the product because its cheap and it can be used as an eyeliner, lip liner or full lip color.
It can be purchased from the local makeup vendors.

MARY||  OLIVE OIL .  As cliche as this may sound, my grandmother got me so attached with its priceless value.I thought her skin  radiated way too much whenever she'd put it on her skin. There are so many products out there today, and it's hard to tell what will  make or break your skin.  I have watched this one work growing up and can trust it for me.I mix it with other organics  such as Aloe Vera, as well a beeswax. I researched it and it works well for 'ANTI-AGING' ( repairs skin damages, anti-wrinkles ( i told you :) ) soothes and relieves itchy or chapped skin ) and 'DRY SKIN (prevents moisture loss)'. Yup! So cool.  LUCKILY! It's everywhere. Go to a grocery or drugstore, you will find an extra virgin olive oil.
UGO ||It is a micro-peeling Cleansing Gel with granules for smoother, clearer and fresher skin. Enriched with Ginkgo and Ginseng extracts, it removes dirt build-up, energizing and revitalizing your complexion. It's for men but works perfectly for women as well! 

>>>So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved putting it together, do leave a comment in the box below and let me know your best beauty buy this year of all time. I f I get a lot of responses, I'd do a special readers post. 

And lets stay in touch on twitter  @kunmii_o and Instagram @olakunmi_

Stay Beautiful


  1. Yes! Coconut oil and olive oil are my staples, especially during winter time. They work great on my skin and even better on my hair :)


  2. lovely post! I would love to do a collab sometime too. :)

  3. I love this post. I'm happy to have been a part of it. I've also added some more items to buy now :D

  4. My best beauty buy this year? Lime! It has done amazing wonders in eliminating my pimples and reducing the oiliness of my skin. It's also great for getting rid of dark spots.

    1. I used to use lime before as well!
      I can testify that it works wonders on the skin!


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