- thin gold chain [ I got mine from two clutch purses]
- 4 small gold jump rings
- measuring tape
- gold decorative piece (for the extra oomph)
- wire cutter or plier [couldnt find either, so I used a nail cutter]

'Hello all,
First of all Cheers to the rebirth of DIY posts on my blog *raises glass* Lol. Remember the head chain in THIS POST, here's a detailed tutorial on how I made it.
If you are a lover of head adornments, then this post is for you! Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love head pieces. Scarfs, hats, fascinators, caps, flower crowns and of course head chains. I've been looking for a place to buy one for a while now to no avail. I haven't been my best creative self lately but I really wanted this so I did it anyway. I didn't know exactly what I was doing when I started hence the absence of step by step photos in fact I made a mistake and had to start over. When I finally got it and put it on my head, I didn't want to take it off! I was just smiling anyhow because I was really proud of myself. 
[That's what a jump ring looks like]
-First fit Chain A  around the circumfrence of your head and secure it with a jump ring. 
-With a second Chain B, secure it from the middle of your forehead to the middle of the back of your head.
- Now onto the front! 
- Try on what you have now and then take a long chain or two short chains
 and visualize how you want to drape them at the front accross your forehead. 
- I used two short chains (C&D), I secured chain C to Chain A at the side of my head above my ear and also secured it at the centre with a jump ring 
- Do the same for Chain D
- For a little oomph, I secured a piece of an old earring to the center Jump ring

[Before Joining]

Thanks for reading!
Stay Beautiful 

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