On being Lukewarm [No shades of Gray]

[You’re not cold, you’re not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit - Revelation 3:18 MSG]

I'm currently reading this book "The Secret Place" by Dr Dale A. Fife got it as a present from a very good friend and I couldn't have asked for anything better. The book basically talks about how the author went from being Spiritually lukewarm to finding a place of intimacy with God [The Secret Place]

We [as believers] have all been there, at that point where you know you are supposed to spend time with God but never get around to it, you long for God x his presence sharing His word, you're so busy with the ministry of the Lord that you forget about the Lord of the ministry, your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak, you find yourself cussing a little more, somehow finding more likes on your Instagram page  has become more exciting than wanting to know how Jesus walked on water, you wander into his presence for brief moments just to say God I know you love me and I know your Grace is sufficient and then you wander back out, you settle for occasional encounters with God instead of living in his presence......

I've struggled with all of the things on the list and even more, and every time it brings me to a place of introspection, most times I realize I'm Chasing God instead of pleasing Him

Reading the book, I've been able to figure out some steps that you can take x also steps I'm taking to get off this gray area and choose to be on God's side 
  Always ask "Lord where are you taking me?"-  Divine direction is key. Most times we fail to ask God where he wants us to be, we wander of on our cause and when it doesn't work out we become frustrated, angry and depressed. More often than not we forget that before He even formed us in the womb He knew us [Jeremiah 1:5] Let's learn to yield to God and obey his voice always, never worrying about ourselves but just simply trusting Him.

You must decide and activate your will- Decision isn't enough, if not you'll probably find yourself entangled again. I've been here, I decided to follow Jesus but I found myself going back to the altar every time altar call was made, it wasn't until I activated my will that I realized that God forgave me the very first time. I was letting myself get depressed and frustrated for nothing. Never for a second think that your sins are too grievous for God to forgive  

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” – Isaiah 1:18

Ask God to Renew your mind daily- Renew your mind in His word, select what will be displayed on the screen of your mind, allow good things occupy your thoughts  x enter through the gates of your eyes and ears. Fix your eyes only on God, with him you can overcome any Stronghold and controlling power!

Get the Focus off yourself and commune with God:- Never leave home without spending time in God's presence. Spiritual Makeup before physical makeup! Spiritual food before physical food Also make some time in your daily schedule to spend QUALITY  time with Him. 

Same way you can't look up and look down at the same time, you can't serve two masters, you have to choose, I'm going to leave you with this song, the perfect song to go with this post, hoping that you make a decision today, not tomorrow TODAY! :-D


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I hope this helped someone out there
Remain Blessed 


  1. I struggle too, but i'm finding strength to go on.
    thanks for the encouragement:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. amazing! been wanting to write a blog on this, please can i repost your post on my blog? you will be duly recognized

  3. Hello Ellen yea sure why not.
    Just give credit back to the blog thank you..xx

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation, there are so many different types of christian literature out there, it can be hard to know which ones to read or where to begin. Thanks for the book recommendation. I love this post. I wrote one similar on my blog, if you get the chance, please have a read :http://bit.ly/1paHOz8 God Bless xx

  5. This is nice. I've gotten motivation from this.

  6. Wow,so true especially the "Lord where arε you taking me" part. *sigh*. Thanks for the kick Kunmi.

  7. I know I should personally be seeking to please God and trust that he is taking me to the right place but I falter...especially with all the things going wrong in my life, I fail to appreciate what is right.
    Thanks for this!
    I also just followed you!

    Thank you for following Brenda! I pray everything going on in your life would be sorted out real quick and I hope God gives you the power not to focus on your but on Him and I'm so glad this helped you

  9. UGO Thanks for stoping by, Glad it helped you..xx

    RONII You're Welcome Love..xx

    LOUISE Thank you, I read your post as well, We are deffo on the same page.xx

  10. Rejoice Ewodage10 June 2014 at 14:26

    i love this post and everything about your blog. you're doing a great job hunnie,keep it up!.xo

  11. Rejoice Ewodage10 June 2014 at 14:29

    I love this post and your blog in general. you're doing a great job hunnie, keep it up.xo


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