SIMPLE FREEDOM- The Love Revolution

Your Love Sets  me free

Like a banner, Just like rain, your Love is over me
you put your Love on the line by offering Him, even while I was of no use to you, while I was busy giving away pieces of myself for so many other things

Oh how extravagant your Love is, its so amazing it fills my heart
You Love not for what I can give you but to give your all to me
Even when my Love turned to lust, setting off a downhill int filthy habits, your love still showed me the light.

Your Love held me up when I was falling down so fast
it reached out to me, I experienced the breadth, tested its lengths, plumbed the depths. 
Your Love gave me a full Life again, Full in your Fullness.

Your Love doesn't just Love much, it Loves well, it goes deep enough, it looked past all my faults and saw my needs. It never gave up on me 

Your Love has no counterfeit, it is simply Love at its best. 
It brings out the best in me 
It is the best example of True Love I'll ever need

In you I have come to understand and experience Love; in your Love I am not afraid or anxious
I can always count on you; God my dependable Love

Now I can go ahead and Love
Because you Loved me first.

PHOTO SOURCE :-Google Images

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