Everything to know about my Faux locs

My Corporate dreads [faux locs] have gotten more attention than Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover since I made them [ I did a post when they were still new HERE] to be very honest  Lol okay maybe not more than but as much as ;). I've had people stopping me on the road to ask where I made them and what not, one time I even had to literally wrestle with a woman who wanted to touch my head by force. So I decided to make a post to answer all the questions that I've been asked. Hopefully it'll help someone :)

Q: Where did you get them done?
A: Ogba, Lagos at Charles place Jeho-Shammah Plaza Beside Ogba Garage, Ogba Charles 08027287601

Q:Are they heavy?
A: Nope, not at all, they are so light, Making it super easy to style!

Q: Does it cut off your edges?
A: Nope my edges are intact. In fact they are even growing

Q: How Long did it take?
A: About two hours 

Q: Did it hurt you?
A: No it didn't hurt at all not even a bit and that's the more reason i love them!, I have a very soft scalp so even fixing a weave hurts me so when this hair didn't hurt I just knew I had found my new best hairstyle

Q:How do you maintain it?
A: I do not really do so much maintaining, because I'm very bad at hair care but that's not so important because there's not much to maintaining this hair, I just make sure I keep my scalp moisturized with Shea butter to prevent dryness and dandruff and I also use Organics root stimulator mixed with some other natural homemade herbal ingredients for my edges 

Q: How Long have you had them for 
A: About a month and half (about 7 weeks)

Q: What Kind of Hair did you use
A: This is the most frequently asked question. Its actually a weave, but they cut off the weft and used it as an attachment. Its has different names in different Salons but I know for sure that its a NOBLE synthetic hair extension

Q: How Much did they cost?
A: N7,500 with the weave and everything

 Thanks for Looking 
Stay true to your dreams..xo


  1. Its nice but the 7500 is much o - Your number 1 anonymous

  2. The hair is nice but that 7500 is too much.
    I think the weave is called kinky

    1. Thank you,
      That's what everyone says but Its not much if you intend to carry it for a a very long time..xx

  3. Hello Olakunmi, I absolutely love your faux locs! They're so gorgeous, please what's the name of the person that did it at Charles' place and what hair colour did you use? Beautiful, beautiful hair!!!!!

  4. Omg!!!! This post just made my night! Ive been searching for a place to get this done on the mainland! N7500 is absolutely reasonable. Please whats the name of the person who made yours.

  5. Hey Tosin, I can't rememeber her name but they all know how to do it as good!


  6. I just called the salon and was told it cost 20k upwards. That's absurd. I know of places where it's done for 5k 😔😔😣😣

    1. Wow! they must have increased their price then.
      I haven't been there in a while but 2o k is absolutely ridiculous


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