A word for today!

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me for an idea on what to preach in his family devotion and the first thing that came to my mind is preach on Gods love!. I told him to preach on how God sent Jesus to die for us even if we are all guilty of Sin!
Most of us take Gods love and Mercy for granted because we feel we can ask for mercy anytime .
In the Old Testament they really went through a hard time asking God for mercy whenever they sinned they had to Kill a lamb and shed its blood before mercy could prevail (Leviticus 4:1-5:13) But we are so lucky that we have Jesus .He's the lamb of God and he has come to take all our sins away and he did that a long time ago.. There no need to shed any blood to ask GOd for mercy. His mercy is available for all of us. But don't start saying to yourself "since Gods mercy is free I can Sin and come back anytime" .. It doesn't work that way. The scripture in Romans 6:1 says "shall we continue in sin that GRace may abound? GOD FORBID!
It makes No sense to continue in sin.. We have been called to righteousness and it is a free gift !
I'm not perfect, you aren't either but let's all strive towards perfection even as our Heavenly Father is perfect!
.. Have a blessed weekend guys..xo


  1. People definitely take God's grace and mercy for granted. Great post,love your outfit. x

  2. Oh la la! You really inspired me today both with the word and with your fashion. Thanks so much for sharing...striving towards perfection by his grace.

  3. Thank you for the lovely words. Love that picture. You look so happy...xx

  4. Your picture is so cute. Love your outfit x

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  5. Thanks so much guys!
    God bless you..x


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